The Critics Decided! Discover the 45 WORST Horror Movies of ALL Time – Part 1

Today, October 31st, is Halloween. And nothing better to celebrate the date than marathon scary movies and series to get into the mood of the date – even if such movies are not necessarily horror, but drawn more to suspense or even to a lighter and comic horror, the so-called “terrify”. To do this, just select a list of your favorite movies, gather your friends and guarantee the fun. And if you’re not sure what to see, we’ve put together a list of tips for productions present on the most varied streaming platforms so you don’t miss the date. Another important tip is what to avoid watching. And so, now we bring you exactly that, with the definitive list of critics “electing” the 45 worst horror movies of all time. As the matter would be very large, we divided it into two parts. Here goes the first. Check it out below.

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Martyrs (2008) is a praised French horror production. Of course, Hollywood wasted no time and tried to remake the feature, and as it almost always happens in these cases, the new one was well below the original. In the plot, two women seek revenge against those who wronged them.

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The first The Experience (1995) about a woman raised in a laboratory, half human, half alien, who only wanted to know about mating, even had a certain charm. Everything is gone in this sequel, which is unnecessary to say the least.

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With Rachael Taylor in the cast, this generic horror aimed to create another icon of the genre with the introduction of the large psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Glenn Jacobs). It didn’t work out very well, but it served to generate a sequel in 2014.

In Hollywood nothing is created, everything is copied. Well, in terms of horror it might be. As is the case of this film starring Joshua Jackson that is a remake of the Thai Spirits – Death Is By Your Side (2004).

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Another horror remake, this one of an American movie. The original is a 1980s cult hit called Prom, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, fresh out of Halloween (1978). This remake has little to do with the first, and it has become one of the least appreciated films by horror fans.

Blonde Elisha Cuthbert had her glory days in the early 2000s, thanks to the series 24 and the movies Show Neighbor and House of Wax. Captivity tried to ride this wave, but was solemnly ignored.

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When teen slashers were revived in the late 1990s, anyone who took the time to pick up their sequel ended up eating a fly. Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer released sequels the very next year to their originals. Legendary Urbana decided to wait a year, which proved fatal…

The 2000s saw a veritable flurry of horror remakes in Hollywood. This one talks about a nanny being plagued by calls, which she discovers are coming from inside the house where she takes care of children. The original is a cult from 1979, while the remake, much less beloved, features the daughter of Brazilian Camilla Belle starring.

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The cool thing about lists like this is that we can find movies that we haven’t heard about for a long time. This is the case with this “shameless” Sony production that uses the Tooth Fairy as a “bogeyman”! That’s right!

36) Slender Man – Nightmare Without a Face (2018)

You can think that everything has already been done when we talk about horror and all kinds of figures have already been used in an attempt to sign a new villain of the genre. What we can say is that not everyone was born to be Jason, Freddy or Michael Myers. This is the case with the Tooth Fairy above and this internet “meme” called “slender man”.

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Starring Winona Ryder, this goofy horror was riding a wave that was very much in vogue in the late 90s and early 2000s – the biblical/apocalyptic horror movies. As can be expected this is one of the worst, but not the worst. Hold.

I believe that fans of the 70’s cult series, which had nothing to do with horror, could even forgive this complete mischaracterization if the Blumhouse movie was good. But after the result we can’t blame them for the complaints.

We can say that The Ring (2002) is one of the best, perhaps the best remake of an Asian production in Hollywood – and it served to introduce the world to the talent of Naomi Watts. The second film had already resulted in a staggering work in 2005. What can a wait of more than ten years say? Only that this ship had already sailed.

The bad tongues say that when the star Hilary Swank is not winning an Oscar, she is starring in some bad movie or of dubious content, there seems to be no middle ground for the actress. When she did this atrocity for Warner, Swank already had two figurines gracing her shelf.

But Hilary Swank will definitely not be the last Oscar-winning star to feature on the list of the worst horror movies of all time. Arriving now is ultimate muse Sandra Bullock, propelling this snarky supernatural thriller about a woman having visions of her husband’s death, and trying to save him from impending danger.

An American Werewolf in London (1981) remains an icon of the genre and a great choice for the celebration of Halloween. This late sequel, not so much. This was one of the films that jumped on the bandwagon of post-Scream jovial smart-ass scripts in the late ’90s.

In Hollywood many productions are created trying to capitalize on the figure of some potential young star. But when their careers end up failing, such films leave the scene just as quickly. This is the case of this Sony/Columbia feature that had the presence of Kerr Smith as a decoy – do you remember him?

28) I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

With one of the longest-running titles in movie history, this teen slasher continues a movie that, well, didn’t need a sequel. And it certainly didn’t need THIS sequel. Here the action is moved to the island of the Bahamas and the plot is so complicated that we can only laugh at how ridiculous it is.

I can say that I had the “displeasure” of watching this feature at the Rio Festival of its respective year. It remains a curious fact. But as Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz never tire of saying, the only positive thing about this Warners haunting movie was the relationship that grew between the two behind the scenes. They are absolutely right.

Starring the dear and talented Michael Keaton when his career was in a downturn in the mid-2000s, the plot shows the actor as an architect trying to communicate with his wife through audio recordings, but attracting evil entities instead. In other words, a very generic horror.

Released in January in the US, previously known as the date on which “films go to die”, this supernatural found footage is produced by the same person responsible for major blockbusters such as Transformers and Megashark and has the director of Orphan 2.

Olivia Cooke is getting rave reviews for her role as Queen Alicent, one of the leads in HBO Max’s House of the Dragon. But nearly ten years ago she had had to go through the ordeal of this terror on the infamous board that communicates with the dead.

The horror movies of the 80’s have their value of guilty pleasure and the vast majority enters the select list of unforgettable cult productions. That’s what the decade stands for. And Return of the Living Dead (1985) is one of the great cult icons of fun and subversive humor of the time. However, this sequel didn’t garner the same praise.

Troll (1986) is a B-horror production that no one gives two cents to, or even hears much about. Interestingly, however, the film features Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Seinfeld’s eternal Elaine, and now Marvel’s Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. This Trolls 2 has become cult thanks to its stigma of being “so bad it’s good”, remembered as one of the worst movies of all time.

Hallucinations from the Past (1990) is a cult production with Tim Robbins that talks about the trauma experienced by a veteran of the Vietnam War. In 2019 they took a remake out of the hat, starring Michael Ealy – which for some reason in Brazil was considered a sequel and not a remake.

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