“They play too much and can help a lot”; Abel Ferreira wants to give ‘replay’ and prepares 5 reinforcements for Palmeiras

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Situation has been evaluated behind the scenes and the chances of being put into practice are increasing in Verdão

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - News depends on Abel.
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – News depends on Abel.

O palm trees is finishing the preparation with an eye on Fortaleza, who will be opponent next Wednesday (2) for the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship, bringing airs of great expectation. This is due to the fact that the team led by Abel Ferreira, if it wins, will guarantee in advance the title of the competition, since it has a good advantage in the lead.

This title can crown a season that was not positive when it comes to the cups, but that will again bring another trophy in the gallery of Verdão, which is getting more and more crowded. Anyway, after everything is confirmed, the board wants to speed up the process and resolve any and all pending issues that appear in relation to what will happen in 2023.

Knowing the current shortages of the squad, the intention is to exchange ideas with the technical committee to be sure which sector to invest in, even more so that few departures are expected, that is, only occasional reinforcements should arrive. However, in addition to bringing outside names, there is a great possibility that the Portuguese will confirm more news as options.

Like Endrick, Abel can give a “replay” and promote young people to the professionalsince many play too much and can help a lot, as they all have immense quality and will be essential in a packed calendar, in which wear, suspensions, injuries and even possible calls can occur. Check below the 5 that are the “preferred” to receive this chance:

john john: 20-year-old shirt 10 can even play in the same role as Scarpa, who is leaving.

Pedro Lima: 19 years old, he has a more offensive and more classic style of vision of the game.

Luis Guilherme: is only 16 years old, but can remake a successful one-two with Endrick, acting as a playmaker and having speed when needed.

ships: currently 20 years old, he can be an alternative in the defense, even if the position is very competitive.

Giovanni: better known by the fans, he can replace Ron, especially since he will be recovering from a serious injury.

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