Twitter for BRL 106.00 MONTHLY? Understand what will happen with the app!

Twitter is one of the social networks that has survived the most for years. He has always been a favorite among young people. This is because it has a place where it is possible to discuss various subjects in a more peaceful way.

However, it is not just this audience that is on these networks. Famous people from all over the world are also part of this space. So, to recognize a famous person, just look at the verification seal next to the person’s name.

Understand what is happening with Twitter – Image: Disclosure

Will Twitter charge?

In recent times the social network is on the rise. That’s because the businessman Elon Musk commented on the purchase of the site. So many are commenting on this situation. However, a new agenda arrives on this subject.

The billionaire bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars. Now, I was already starting to modify the site. According to some internal documents leaked on the internet, the entrepreneur wants to start charging.

The idea is to make a kind of monthly fee for everyone who has the verified seal on the site. Thus, the estimate is to charge about 20 dollars per month, which is equivalent to about R$ 106 currently. Thus, only subscribers could have the seal.

Yet, according to the document, the seating system would be an ultimatum for the engineering team. Soon, employees would have until November 7 for a solution to be created to put the service on the air. Otherwise, they could be fired.

The goal of the new owner of the platform is to replace Twitter Blue. This plan already exists in some countries and charges five dollars. By subscribing to this value, the user will be able to access various types of unique tools.

Among them is the option to correct tweets, access several articles without having to see the advertising and even customize your navigation bar within the platform.

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What are the deadlines?

According to the website that leaked the information, it is possible that all people who are verified will have 90 days to subscribe to the new option. If there is no payment within these days, the badge will be removed from the profile.

In this way, the verified status will act as a kind of rental on the site. Thus, if the user receives the seal and does not subscribe to the service, the certification will be taken automatically.

When asked to comment on this new option, Twitter decided not to comment. As a result, it is still not possible to know more about the option and whether it will actually be put into practice.

It is worth remembering that the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk is quite recent. After a long process of trying this modality, the billionaire finally made the purchase official. This situation occurred during the last week of October, more specifically the 27th.

The businessman would face a judgment directly in Delaware Court from the 17th of this month if he does not close the negotiation soon. According to experts, if the case really went to court, it was unlikely that the businessman would win.

Thus, he ended up preferring with the social network before he had to pay more in case he lost the process.

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