What could be Henry Cavill’s next projects?

the output of Henry Cavill in The Witcher this past weekend was confirmed by the Netflix and took everyone by surprise. Taking into account your return to DC Studios as Super manfans didn’t expect the star to give up his other most famous character in the industry, but it happened, and that could mean his future at the comic book company is big.

With that, we’ve listed all the possible projects that the star might be participating in as the Super man.

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Man of Steel 2 Must Be Happening With Henry Cavill

To begin with, it is important to point out that with James Gunn and Peter Safran in the direction of DC Studiosit is almost inevitable that a sequence of The Man of Steel is happening. After almost 10 years since the release of the original film, which had Zack Snyder towards you, we can certainly count on the return of Henry Cavill for a new film focusing on the history of Super man.

In addition, one cannot forget to mention that the star’s return from The Witcher to the character should not be given through participation only, since, previously, the Super man been on other projects without having his face shown. This occurs, for example, in Peacemaker (2022) and Shazam! (2019), which the first was, curiously, given by the hands of Gunn.

Remaining Projects Henry Cavill May Appear

For now, it is difficult to say which productions Henry Cavill will be appearing, as most of them have finished filming and are now in post-production. For next year, for example, we have three productions scheduled, these being Shazam! Gods Fury, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flashwhich the last two have more possibilities for the character to appear, since they are still undergoing rewrites.

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomfor example, which will have the return of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, the character could be present alongside the friend. Already in The Flashthe possibilities of different appearances vary, as the film will serve as a ‘restart’ to the universe A.D.

Super man
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In addition to these, we also have the as-yet-untitled series of Viola Davis as Amanda Wallerto which we know the character has a connection taking into account the post-credits scene of black adam.

For now, however, we only have the speculations of the projects in which Henry Cavill will be appearing, with none of these actually confirmed.

Watch the trailer for Black Adam, Henry Cavill’s latest film

In Brazil, Adão Negro is already showing in all cinemas. The rest of DC Studios movies are available on HBO Max.

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