What to look for when buying a cell phone?

See tips to choose the best model for you according to your preferences, such as better camera or performance

Some features of the cell phone depend on user preference, such as performance, screen or camera quality.

Some features of the cell phone depend on user preference, such as performance, screen or camera quality.

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Each person has their particularities when choosing a new one. cell. If some prefer screen huge, others prioritize portability. If a parcel likes to have a telephone just to use simple apps, another needs a better performing device to games.

Each smartphone model or manufacturer prioritizes certain features in the product to reach these targeted audiences. Check what are the main points to pay attention to before taking a model home.

battery life

A battery that does not last long makes life difficult for the user. There is not always an outlet available anywhere to leave the cell phone charging. And “hunting” one during the day just for that is not a very pleasant experience.

Since there weren’t as many apps and features on the old phones, the batteries lasted much longer than the current ones. As a result, cell phones were even days without needing to charge. But, today, with high screen resolution and vast possibilities of use, it is common that the battery does not last more than a day of autonomy.

Therefore, the tip is to look at the battery power, which is measured in milliamps (mAh) — the higher the value, the longer it lasts. Devices that have more than 3,000 mAh are the most suitable for those who like to use many apps and features, especially those that use more battery, such as the camera.

Operational system

From each smartphone OS the battery experience may be different. Normally, Androids are offered in both cheaper and more expensive cell phones, while iPhones, which have iOS, tend to be more expensive because they are from Apple, which focuses more on an audience with more purchasing power in Brazil.

The operating system can greatly change the user experience

The operating system can greatly change the user experience

Photo: Firmbee / Pixabay

There are specific apps for each of the systems, but most apps are present in both. Android, however, is more open and has a greater number of apps available. iOS, on the other hand, has good integration with the iPhone because both the hardware and the software are signed by Apple; therefore, many consider it faster and lighter to run than Android, which needs to be suitable for each manufacturer.


Processors are a feature that makes the cell phone have more performance, that is, perform tasks faster and more efficiently. The most advanced are usually octa-core, with eight data processing cores. Speed, however, is measured in GHz — the higher this number, the faster.


One of the great features that smartphones have increasingly invested in are cameras, especially considering the huge use of apps like Instagram and TikTok. Photos and videos are increasingly present on social networks and in people’s daily lives, which increases the importance of a good camera.

Features previously only used in professional cameras, such as specific lenses for close-up shots, 20x zoom lens, blur effect and others have become commonplace in recent smartphones.

So if you, like many, value this aspect, you should pay attention to the camera’s megapixels. At least 48 MP is a good start for the rear camera, and whether it’s dual or triple will bring more features too. The front is usually of a lower quality, but has at least 8 MP.

cell phone memory

It takes a very large memory to store so many photos and videos. There are models from at least 64GB to 1TB; the more the better, but it will depend on how you use your device. Overall, 128 GB is an average memory that can meet most users’ needs.

Screen size

This is an aspect that is really very personal, but one that you should think about. There are those who like smaller screens and more compact devices and those who prefer the larger screen for the comfort of typing with more “slack” and watching videos, playing games, etc. It should be remembered, however, that the larger the screen, the greater the battery drain.

Resolution also counts at this point. More basic but good models have Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), while more advanced models have quad-HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) or 4k (3840 x 2160).

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