Crazy man with a smile on his face and a machete in his hand terrorizes a couple at a traffic light – News

A madman with a smile on his face and a machete in his hand has drivers panicked as they wait for the green light at a traffic light in Brisbane, Australia. Especially the couple in a car, which the 21-year-old tried to force his way into.

According to Yahoo Australia, the occupants of the vehicle began recording the scene from the moment they noticed the suspect armed at the scene.

Apparently, realizing that he was being filmed, the boy approached the car and asked for the back door to be opened – which obviously was not answered.

“The smile was absolutely terrifying,” the woman described in a TikTok post. “It haunted all my dreams. It was a bad experience.”

Fortunately, the police were able to stop the young man, before anything serious could have happened.

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Authorities said he had also tried to get into other cars on the perimeter.

The author of the video, identified only as Ash, said it took six police officers to contain the suspect. He was eventually arrested, charged with threatening, attempting to enter illegally in motor vehicles and obstructing the police.

After the incident, authorities advised drivers to always keep all car doors locked.

A man with a machete tattooed on his face was accused of attacking a victim with a machete. Check out:

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