Flamengo fans are banned from returning to Brazil after the Libertadores final; understand

Flamengo won the Libertadores almost a week ago, but a red-black fan lives moments of anguish. Eduardo Mendes Marques, 39, has not yet been able to return home and is in prison in Peru. He has no prospect of returning, as Peruvian immigration claims his passport was not stamped.

Eduardo passed through the country by bus, before arriving in Ecuador to watch the Libertadores final. However, upon his return, he was informed by the local police that he would be formally investigated. The red-black is convinced that he was the target of a misunderstanding.

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– I stood in line, presented my passport and was released. The friend who was with me did the same thing. They stamped his, but mine didn’t. I didn’t see it at the time. I only found out that it was without a stamp when I was boarding from Lima to Santiago (Chile), to then return to Brazil – he said, to “GE”.

The Peruvian authorities confirm that Eduardo is in “an irregular migratory situation for entering the country without carrying out migratory control and not having requested his regularization”. The Brazilian Embassy in Lima is aware of the case, but claims that the situation is complicated.

“The aforementioned case of the Brazilian is being analyzed by the Embassy, ​​in view of the complexity of the situation in light of Peruvian immigration legislation when there is an irregular entry into the country”said in embassy, ​​in a note.

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The Flamengo fan is a resident of Riachuelo, in Rio de Janeiro, and works as a financial analyst. Away from his family, Eduardo tries to schedule a meeting with immigration to clarify the matter and return to Brazil.

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