Delete now! These 16 Android Apps Can Harm Your Phone

The cell phone is the most used device on a daily basis by everyone. Knowing this, many criminals are always looking to get personal information through it. They want access to bank details, conversations and archived photos to take advantage of users. The most common form of “attack” is through applications that appear to offer a benefit to the user, but become a danger to the safety of any citizen.

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Even with Google’s effort to ensure the security of the tools available on the Play Store, people with Android are still threatened by options that use more sophisticated methods to invade the security of the cell phone. A list of 16 dangerous apps was made available by the virtual security company, McAfee.

Investigation carried out

In the midst of an investigation, the antivirus and virtual security company found more than a dozen applications that displayed malware called Clicker. In summary, among the false functions promised by the resources available for download were: QR Code reading, camera improvements, unit converters and task managers. It is estimated that as many as 20 million people may have been harmed by them.

After receiving the report, Google removed all apps from the Play Store. In addition, even though they appeared to be very safe options, the programs offered risks when offering advertisements. This made users click on your links. In addition to posing a real danger to every user’s personal information, the malware also caused excessive data consumption and device heating.

Check the list of infected apps

If you were curious, check out which 16 apps with Clicker malware that were detected by McAfee:

  • High Speed ​​Camera;
  • Smart Task Manager;
  • K-Dictionary;
  • Flashlight+ (com.candlecom.candleprotest);
  • BusanBus;
  • Flashlight+ (;
  • Currency Converter;
  • QuickNote;
  • Flashlight+ (kr.caramel.flash_plus);
  • Ez Notes;
  • 달력메모장;
  • Joycode;
  • EzTip;
  • 손전등;
  • Instagram Profile Downloader;
  • 계산기.

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