Fluminense launches public notice, summons partners and confirms election date

(Photo: Mailson Santana/Fluminense)

Fluminense released on Saturday morning (5) the call notice for the presidential election. The voting date was confirmed for November 26, from 9 am to 6 pm, at the headquarters in Laranjeiras. The slates can register from November 1st, and they have until the 15th to present the respective vice president and the 200 signatures of club members at the club’s headquarters.

In the election, the President of Fluminense, the General Vice-President, the 150 Effective Members and the 50 Substitute Members will be elected, who together with the Born Counselors, will integrate the Deliberative Council for the next three years.

So far, only the current president Mário Bittencourt has officially launched his candidacy. He will seek re-election. Possible competitors are Marcelo Souto, Ademar Arrais and Rafael Rolim. As reported by NETFLU, the opposition has found it difficult to obtain the 200 signatures needed to register the slates and has not reached a consensus on a possible union of the three opponents.

See the call for proposals below:


Pursuant to art. 11, item I and art. 22 of the Bylaws of Fluminense Football Club (“Fluminense” or “Clube”), the members of Fluminense who are in full enjoyment of their statutory rights are CALLED for the Ordinary General Meeting to be held at the Club’s Headquarters, located at Rua Álvaro Chaves nº 41, Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, on November 26, 2022, from 9 am, when the meeting will be opened with any number of members present, until 6 pm, with the exclusive purpose of electing, through secret ballot, the President of Fluminense, the General Vice-President, the 150 (one hundred and fifty) Effective Members and the 50 (fifty) Substitute Members, who together with the Born Counselors, will integrate the Deliberative Council in the next triennium.

As provided for in art. 9 of the Fluminense Statute, members of the Club over 16 (sixteen) years of age, belonging to the membership for more than 1 (one) full year, uninterrupted and in good standing with the Club until the day of the General Assembly, have the right to vote, and those belonging to the Football Membership category for more than 02 (two) full, uninterrupted years, and who have not been excluded from the membership as a result of non-payment of 03 (three) continuous or alternating monthly fees, pursuant to art. 101, § 1 of the Fluminense Statute.

Pursuant to the sole paragraph of art. 9 of the Fluminense Statute, “Honorary, Temporary, Correspondent, Special, Assistant Athletes, as well as the Enrolled Family Members of the Members, defined in articles 102 and 103”, also of the Statute, will not be able to participate in the General Assembly.

In addition, according to Clause 6 of the Regulation and Term of Use of the Services of the Fluminense Partner Football Program, in force from June 07, 2022, members belonging to the Sub 12 Plans / Mascote, Guerreiro, Warrior All Earth, and East Root.

The right to vote is personal and non-transferable, and exercise by proxy is prohibited, in accordance with art. 139 of the Fluminense Statute, being certain that, at the time of voting, the presentation of an official identification document, with photo, issued by a competent public body will be requested.

Rio de Janeiro, November 04, 2022.




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