“I think they’ll end up making a deal”; Mauro Cezar reveals first signing closer to being announced by Flamengo


Business is “hot” and Nation approves name of possible reinforcement

- Mauro Cezar
© Image: Playback/YouTube– Mauro Cezar

O Flamengo is just fulfilling a table in the Brazilian Championship. After being champion of Libertadores and also of the Copa do Brasil, Dorival Júnior has chosen to put a well modified team, giving minutes to the kids. Matheus França has been taking advantage of his chances and has played well with the shirt of the Most Beloved in Brazil.

Thinking about 2023, the CRF leaders work in silence, without much fanfare in the market so as not to attract new competitors. The idea is to bring in four to five reinforcements, with enough names to fight for position. The vice president of flamengo football, Marcos Brazis the “guy” who is authorized to bring in these new players.

During the live on his channel, last Sunday (6), journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira updated the scenario of the flamengo market. Asked about goalkeeper Agustin RossiMaurão pointed out that the goalkeeper will not remain at Boca Juniors and the pending question is whether he will be released in January with financial compensation or if he will leave in June, when his tenure will end. Business with Mengão is very hot. Check out the commentator’s information:

(…) It’s hot information, Flamengo has already made contact with the goalkeeper’s representatives and he knows that Flamengo wants to sign him. It won’t renew with Boca, the question is: does it come in the middle of the free year or does Flamengo talk to Boca, (since) the Argentine season has ended (…)”, said Mauro, before continuing:

(…) Tomorrow Marcos Braz can call the vice president of Boca Juniors, Riquelme, a football man, a very difficult guy to negotiate as they say and say: ‘Riquelme, you’re going to lose Rossi in the middle of the year. He’s coming to play with us, we’ll stay with the goalkeeper, don’t you want to release this player to me at the turn of the year so that in December I can already have him here doing tests? And we make a financial arrangement’ (…). I think they’ll end up making a deal”, concluded.

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