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TV Globo shows in the “Sessão da Tarde” this Monday (25) the film “No Reservations″, released in 2007. The film stars Catherine Zeta-Jones (“Chicago”), Aaron Eckhart (“Batman: The Dark Knight”) and Abigail Breslin (“Little Miss Sunshine”).

The film tells the story of Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a chef at a sophisticated New York restaurant. She is recognized for her seriousness, which makes some even fear her.

However, Kate is put to the test when two new people enter her life: Zoe (Abigail Breslin), her 9-year-old niece, who can’t seem to fit into her aunt’s routine, and Nick (Aaron Eckhart), a sous-chef who is extremely lively at work and enjoys listening to opera while cooking.

Check out three fun facts about “No Reservations”, according to IMDb:

human “spice”

Actor Aaron Eckhart had a minor accident while filming the scenes in which he appears cooking. Inadvertently, he ended up cutting one of his fingernails while filming a scene cutting onions – and didn’t even realize it had happened. He only noticed when actress Abigail Breslin screamed with blood.

Waitress for a day

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones worked for one night as an employee at the Fiamma Osteria restaurant in New York. The idea was to prepare for his role in the film, what the actors call “doing the lab”. When customers told her how much she looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones, she would reply “I hear that all the time”. All this with a fake American accent, to hide his strong British/Welsh accent.

Connection with ‘Friends’

At the very end of the film, a restaurant appears that may seem very familiar to anyone who has followed the TV series “Friends”. No wonder: the property is located on the ground floor of the apartment building used for all the outdoor scenes of the famous sitcom.

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