six states may decide to senate control

On the eve of the US midterm elections, polls indicate that Democrats are unlikely to retain control of the House of Representatives, but the 35 Senate seats to vote will be decided in six states.

Politico and CNN believe control of the US Congressional upper house – currently with 50 seats for each party, with Vice President Kamala Harris’s favorable tiebreaker – will be contested in Arizona, Georgia. , Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Most polls released in recent days – on the eve of the midterm elections scheduled for Tuesday – show that Democrats will be hurt by President Joe Biden’s low popularity, but that they can still aspire to maintain control of the Senate if they close ranks. in some states where everything is open.

Analysts are betting on six stages of crucial battles for control of the Senate: four states currently controlled by Democrats and two controlled by Republicans, which makes the party of former President Donald Trump (heavily involved in these campaigns) theoretically favored, since it If there is a halving of these cases, they will control the upper house of Congress by 51 to 49.

Politico is betting on a Republican victory in Nevada and Wisconsin, taking advantage of a good campaign performance by Adam Laxalt (in the first state) and Ron Johnson (in the second), but admits that Democrats can still aspire to victory.

With Democratic candidate Maggie Hassan having a strong chance of winning in another crucial state, New Hampshire, that leaves Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania for the final Senate outfit.

Still, several polls indicate that the Republicans still have other states that they could win over the Democrats, such as Colorado and Washington, although with less probability of success.

But there are other electoral battles that will grab attention on election night, whether for the House of Representatives or for the 36-seat state governors who go to vote on Tuesday.

The fifth district of Connecticut, the 17th district of New York and the second district of Virginia will be the terrain of heated electoral battle for the House of Representatives, for the possibilities of alternating party colors, but also for the indications they can give about the capacity of resistance. of the Democrats and the popularity of Donald Trump, who staked much of the prestige of his name here alongside his candidates.

For the House of Representatives, the polls look comfortable for Republicans, with Politico placing 216 seats (out of 435 up for grabs, all) as highly likely for Republicans and only 196 as highly likely for Democrats, with all others undefined and 26 of these to be considered as “highly disputed”.

The television station CNN will also focus attention on the race to choose the governor of the state of Michigan, admitting that the Republican candidate Tudor Dixon (with strong support from Trump) may be able to avoid the re-election of the Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, which would constitute a major setback for his party.

Also, the governorship of Oregon – the place that the Republicans have never won – will be hotly contested and the Democrats are faced with an added difficulty: the entry into the race of an independent, Betsy Johnson, who left the ranks of the Democrats and seems to be gaining the sympathy of this electorate.

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