Maura Healey is the first lesbian to be elected governor in the US

Democratic Party candidate defeated the Republican backing for Trump and gave an important victory to Biden in the midterms; election is historic

Joseph Prezioso / AFPAmerica's first lesbian governor
Maura Healey is the new governor of Massachusetts

Although the investigations have not yet reached the end, the midterms United States already made history. Democrat Maura Healey became the first lesbian candidate to be elected governor. The current attorney general of Massachusetts, located in the northeast of the country, comfortably beat her opponent and guaranteed this important state, which was in the hands of the Republicans, for the Democrats. At 51, she defeated Republican Geoff Diehl, supported by the former president. Donald Trump🇧🇷 These midterm elections were the first in history with LGBTQIA+ candidates in the nation’s 50 states and in the capital Washington DC, an example of how this community has become an increasingly powerful electoral force in the country. The majority run for the Democratic Party. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, called on Tuesday night, 8, to some of the Democratic Party candidates who were elected in the midterm vote. One of the first calls was to the heretofore Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey. With this historic victory, the Democrats took the governments of Maryland and Massachusetts from the Republicans, at an important moment in the elections. Democrat Wes Moore won Maryland and became the state’s first black governor, after Republican Larry Hogan’s two terms. Maura Healey, on the other hand, puts Massachusetts back in the hands of Democrats after two terms of Republican Charlie Baker. On the other hand, Republicans kept, as expected, big states like Florida and Texas.

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