Drunk makes python garland and ends up rescued by son and friend

A drunk man thought it a good idea to put a python around his neck, so that the animal could act as a garland. However, the adventure almost ended in tragedy.

According to India Today magazine, the spooky scene was captured on the outskirts of the Indian city of Garhwa. The citizen in question has been identified as Mr. Birjalal Ram Bhuiyan. Watch below:

“Attempt to hang a python around the neck as a garland in Garhwa, Jharkhand [estado]was starred by a man,” reads the caption of the tweet.

“The animal firmly grabbed the man’s neck”, the text concludes.

Although the video does not reveal the outcome of the incident, the publication quoted above guarantees that the man got rid of possible suffocation.

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Thanks to the intervention of the boy’s son and a friend, who appeared during the recording.

Despite the great scare, Birjalal had only minor injuries resulting from the pre-prepared.

He was treated in the village where he lives, without the need for medical assistance.

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