Rower is arrested in Botafogo training after a year competing as a fugitive – 11/14/2022

State rowing champion in 2022, in a fierce dispute against Flamengo, defined only in the last regatta of the last stage, Botafogo reached the cup counting, in the campaign, with victories of an athlete out of justice, accused of attempted murder. Renato Cataldo was hired by the alvinegro club in the middle of last year, when he was already wanted by the police and, even so, he was selected in four stages of the State and the Brazilian Championship.

He was arrested after a complaint led the police to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in Rio, during a Botafogo training session in October. Renato, who was part of the Brazilian team at the Pan de Lima, in 2019, awaits in prison for the trial, which has not yet been scheduled.

Indicted for the attempted murder of a security guard outside a nightclub in Rio in March 2020, Renato Cataldo is part of a renowned family in Brazilian rowing. He was defending Flamengo when he passed by on a motorcycle shooting at security guards at a nightclub on Ilha do Governador, north of Rio. The crime shocked the rowing community, which saw Renato as a person of peace.

According to witnesses, he and a brother, Marcos Henrique, were involved in a fight at the nightclub and were expelled from the place by security. Both tried to return to the nightclub in other clothes, but were identified and barred. They returned later, on a motorcycle, with Renato on the back and shooting. One of the shots hit a person who had nothing to do with the fight in the neck.

The rower, who was an athlete in the Navy and then a soldier, was temporarily detained by the Navy, almost two months after the incident. At the time, at the beginning of the pandemic, he was released by Flamengo, who claimed that he was unaware of the accusations against the rower when he made the decision not to renew his contract, information that is disputed by people with knowledge of the case.

He spent less than two months in military prison, going to freedom in May 2020. In February last year, the Eighth Criminal Chamber of Rio again decreed the preventive detention of the two accused. Marcos Henrique was arrested on Christmas Eve. Renato started to be considered a fugitive.

Botafogo signed him to their rowing team and cast him in several competitions of the season after that. Renato won the double skiff in two stages of the State, in addition to having conquered, always in double, a third and a sixth place. While on the run, Renato even participated in the Brazilian Short Boat Championship in May, missing the single scull final.

He was only arrested in October, on the eve of what would be the most important week of the year in rowing, with the final of the State Championship on the weekend and, soon after, the Brazilian Long Boat Championship, also in Rio. In Botafogo, it is believed that the denunciation and arrest on the eve of the competitions was not a coincidence.

When the arrest took place, the Justice had already decided that Renato and his brother will be taken to the jury court, accused of attempted murder. The rower can face up to 10 years in prison.

The report exchanged messages with lawyer Andrea Runco, who defends Renato, and sent questions to her last Thursday. There was no return. Botafogo was also contacted last Thursday, via the press office, and did not respond to questions raised by the Olympic look. Likewise, the Brazilian Rowing Confederation did not return the contact with questions made by e-mail, based on guidance from CBR itself.

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