Gerson’s father opens the game over Flamengo and Olympique, and guarantees the outcome of the negotiation

If the board of Flamengo curbed the crowd’s expectations regarding Gerson’s return – see the statement by President Rodolfo Landim here -, the athlete’s father, Marcão, gave statements in the opposite direction. In an interview with the channel “Barbaridade”, he guaranteed that he will carry out the transfer of his son, reinforcing that this is the will of the Joker.

– When the citizen says that I like to show up, do you know why? Because at all these meetings, the so-called, quotes, player managers, who they say are managers, they come and say: ‘Marcão is ending Gerson’s career’. End Gerson’s career?! All the players wanted me to end someone’s career… do you know why? I’ve already sold the guy twice, I’m going to complete the third sale now. I said it accidentally (laughs) – he said.

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– The best thing that could happen for everyone was for Gerson to return to Flamengo. If by chance they cannot understand each other, unfortunately we have to not do what we want to do. I won’t say he wants to go back to France. The athlete’s will is for the negotiation with Flamengo to be settled and he doesn’t even have to return.

The statements by Marcão, one of those responsible for Gerson’s career, came hours after the statements by president Rodolfo Landim, who confirmed Flamengo’s interest in repatriating him, but evaluated the situation as “very difficult, if not impossible”, due to the distance between the amounts requested by Olympique and the offer by Rubro-Negro.

On the same day, the president of the French club, Pablo Longoria, confirmed that he is in negotiation with Flamengo, but also stated that the player is expected in Marseille on November 30 to be reinstated in the team if there is no agreement.


While Flamengo and Olympique de Marseille are negotiating values, the club already has an agreement in place with the player, who landed in Rio de Janeiro last Saturday. This Tuesday, Gerson met and was spotted alongside Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel, strong names in football at the Gávea club, at a restaurant in Barra da Tijuca.

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