Remember three works by José Saramago

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and Camões, writer would be 100 today (16)

This Wednesday (16th) marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of José de Sousa Saramago (1922 – 2010), a Portuguese writer and journalist, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. To celebrate the centenary, Leia Já selected a list of some of the author’s main books, check out:

Essay on Blindness (1995)) – The book tells the story of a city that is taken over by an epidemic of “white blindness”, causing a great change in people’s lives. The objective is to remind the reader of “the responsibility of having eyes when others have lost them”. In 2008, the work won a film starring Mark Ruffalo, Alice Braga, Danny Glover and Sandra Oh.

The Duplicate Man (2002)) – History teacher Tertuliano Máximo Afonso watches a movie in which one of the actors looks like him. However, Tertuliano discovers that the actor is actually a clone of himself and his life changes completely after learning that he has a duplicate version. In 2013, the book won a movie adaptation, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Denis Villeneuve.

With the sea through – A friendship in letters (2017) – The work brings together a series of letters, notes, cards and faxes exchanged between friends José Saramago and Brazilian writer Jorge Amado (1912 – 2001). A friendship that also extended to his companions, the writer and photographer Zélia Gattai Amado (1916 – 2008) and the journalist María del Pilar del Río Sánchez.

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