“We didn’t expect it, it could have made a difference”; Zé Rafael points ‘guilty’ for elimination of Palmeiras in Libertadores

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Midfielder was extremely sincere in making it clear who would have directly harmed Verdão

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Zé confirmed his disappointment at Palmeiras.
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Zé confirmed his disappointment at Palmeiras.

O palm trees ended the season with the Brazilian Championship title, its 11th in history, but many believe that 2022 could have been much better, given the failure in the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores. The team led by Abel Ferreira, unlike past years, ended up being eliminated in the knockout stage, disappointing some fans.

In any case, the page has been turned and the intention is to correct any type of error that directly interfered with the results. For the South American competition, Verdão lost to Athletico-PR, which ended up with the runner-up after being defeated by 1-0 in the final against Flamengoin a single game.

When talking exactly about these 2 clashes against Paraná, Zé Rafael said that it is a taste that the club could have lifted this cup, making it clear that the arbitration was the main villainmaking mistakes that, in the midfielder’s opinion, could have made the difference and helped the Paulistas reach the final:

🇧🇷The way we left. I believe there were some mistakes, mainly refereeing that we did not expect. It could have made a lot of difference in the game. We know that ending is another game. Anyway, we felt this defeat a lot, but be patient, it’s over, next year we’ll have it again and we’ll get ready to arrive, God willing, once again disputing this title”said the number 8 shirt.

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