Amber Heard is the woman with the MOST PERFECT face, according to science

Despite the latest news about Amber Heard highlight their defeat in the defamation suit against Johnny Deppthe star of ‘Aquaman‘ also stands out because of its beauty.

And, according to the Wion News🇧🇷 heard was elected the woman with the most perfect face in the world in a survey conducted by Dr. julian de silvaspecialist of the CCenter for Advanced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in London.

For this, the team silva based on the technique called Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, popularly known as the Golden Ratio, which in turn uses the Greek beauty standard to measure its scales.

The technique considers several resources to design the perfect face, from the proximity between the eyes, the thickness of the lips, the shape and size of the nose, and even the curvature of the eyebrows.

Apparently, the face analysis of heard reveals how close a face is to perfect proportion, which is 1,618or Phi🇧🇷

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Conducted in 2016, the survey revealed that the face of heard has approximately 91.85% scale compatibility.

In season, silva told the Us Weekly that his research was motivated by simple curiosity after a new computerized mapping technique was implemented, so he tested the faces of some of the most beautiful women in the world.

“The Greeks discovered that the Golden Ratio occurs everywhere in nature and for thousands of years it was considered the secret formula behind the most beautiful faces in the world. A long time ago, we thought reaching the 1.618 ratio was a fairy tale, but now with computerized mapping we can calculate how this applies to real women.”

Using the same algorithm, it was found that Scarlett Johansson had the perfect eyes, the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is the owner of the most beautiful lips, while Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian have the most lined eyebrows.

Among men, Robert Pattinson (‘Batman’) tops the list.

“Robert Pattinson is the clear winner as every element of his face points to near physical perfection”said Silva.

According to the test, the face of pattinson it is 92.15% perfect.

In second place was the actor Henry Cavill, with 91.64%. The list also has Bradley Cooper (91.08%) and brad pitt (90.51%).

Check how the percentages were calculated:

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