Boeing 757 plane with rich people on board lands in Maranhão during luxury tour

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As anticipated by AEROIN firsthand, at the end of September, a Boeing 757-200 (TF-FIC), chartered from the Icelandic company Icelandair, landed this Friday (18th), at São Luís International Airport (MA). On board, a group of wealthy people who paid no less than $226,000 Australian dollars per person, the equivalent of R$766,000 at current exchange rates.

The flight departed, on October 30, from the city of Seattle, on the American west coast, bound for Japan, passing through Vietnam, Laos, Turkey, Eritrea, Benin. The purpose of the visit to São Luís is to allow the group to visit Lençóis Maranhenses.

From the capital of Maranhão, the 46 lucky tourists boarded a smaller plane to Barreirinhas, in the Lençóis region, where they will be able to enjoy all the good things and the best, while walking on the white sands and natural pools of warm water. The trip is organized by Abercrombie & Kent, who also customized the aircraft with their brands.

Flight tracking: Radarbox

Icelandair’s Boeing 757s have been rented on several other occasions for private jet travel like this one. One of the companies that usually carry out this type of itinerary is National Geographic, which has a motto of mixing pleasure with knowledge, including scientists on board the flights, who share their experience in the places where the plane (and the group passes).

When in VIP seating configuration, the aircraft now has two business class seats in each window. The total will be 46 seats for paying passengers and more for the doctor and other professionals accompanying the group. In a traditional passenger configuration, the Boeing 757 could carry around 233 passengers.

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