The partnership that could make Corinthians the richest club in Brazil and humiliate Flamengo

Corinthians fans
Corinthians fans

Corinthians is following your plan for 2023 and among them is to strengthen the alvinegra brand in order to increase its revenue. Among the possible agreements of the São Jorge Park is one with one of the commercial giants of the USAthe group amazonfrom the businessman Jeff Bezos, interested in becoming a partner of rudder🇧🇷

At first, the amazon will be responsible for the technological support of the club’s new supporter-partner program, considered the most popular in Brazilian football with around 120 thousand defaulters. The idea of ​​those responsible for marketing is to announce the Loyal Supporter 2023 until the turn of the year and the last details of this reformulation are being aligned by the club. THE amazonas stated above, would be part of this process.

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It is very likely that, in case of confirmation of the partnership with amazonthe current technological agreement with IBM cease to exist. It is worth remembering that club and IBM went on a collision course in May 2021 and the websitethe faithful supporter came out of the air. The relationship between Corinthians and Amazon it’s good. And it’s not today. In August, club and Amazon Prime Video reached a deal for the streaming service to appear on the upper back of the shirt in both matches against Flamengo, for Libertadores.

Agreement was rejected by Flamengo

at the beginning of 2022a amazon contacted marketing Flamengo to offer a contract similar to the one negotiated with the Corinthians🇧🇷 Due to the difference in values ​​and also because the Red-Black team is satisfied with the partnership with Free market, main competitor of amazon in Brazil, the agreement was rejected.

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