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The family cult classic charmed finally got its sequel, disenchanted, and fans are eager to come back and catch up with the characters they love. Among them, the great Amy Adams returns to bless the screens with her first feature film since Dear Even Hanson🇧🇷

Amy Adams has been one of the most consistent actresses since breaking into the industry over 20 years ago. She’s been nominated for numerous awards and played some memorable roles, and Letterboxd fans love to talk about her talent. No matter the role, Adams is ready to deliver a powerful performance.

10/10 The Muppets (2011) – 3.5

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the sledgehammer movie

The Muppets film has a 3.5 in Letterboxd. Adams stars opposite Jason Segal in this family drama about the Muppets.

This is a performance that really showcased Adam’s range. Letterboxd user Luke McLaughlin also points this out when he says, “Amy Adams is a ray of sunshine. It’s amazing that The fighter left months before that; talk about range.” Adams’ ability to perform with the Muppets like any other actor is truly amazing to watch and makes the crowd, young or old, fall in love with her.

9/10 Enchanted (2007) – 3.5

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Amy Adams as Giselle from Enchanted

charmed it’s arguably Adams’ breakout role and may be his most popular performance yet, as it’s finally getting a sequel. The fantasy movie has a 3.5 on Letterboxd.

Adam’s portrayal of the bubbly Princess Giselle warms viewers’ hearts every watch. Not only does this film cause nostalgia in some viewers, but it is a genuinely good movie. Movie-loving user Letterboxd says, “No exaggeration, but this is the best movie ever made, and Amy Adams deserved an Oscar for it.” That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s a role and a movie that clearly wowed fans.

8/10 The Fighter (2010) – 3.7

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Amy Adams in The Fighter

The fighter sits at a 3.7. Adams plays the female lead in what is about the true story of boxer Mickey Ward, who tried to win the light welterweight title.

Although this film has great performances from Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg, Adams still stands out as she once again stands out from other actors and actresses as one of the best in the business. Letterboxd user Shay seems to think Adams should have gotten even more praise for this role when she says, “Why didn’t Amy Adams win an Oscar for this? … that is the most powerful performance and also the best performance I have ever seen” as she was nominated for an Academy Award but failed to win.

7/10 Nocturnal Animals (2016) – 3.7

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Amy Adams in Nocturnal Animals

nocturnal animals it has a 3.7 on Letterboxd, and this film has a star-studded cast. Adams graces the screen with the talents of Jake Gyllenhaal, Isla Fischer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Adams plays the endearing main character as she tries to decipher a manuscript that was written by her ex-husband. Adams dives into the world of neo-noir in this film as he works flawlessly in this dark and dark world. Peter on Letterboxd seems to like Adams’ acting, as all he said about the movie was, “Amy Adams :)”

6/10 Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) – 3.8

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Drop Dead GorgeousAmy Adams

drop dead gorgeous it has a 3.8 on Letterboxd and is directed by Michael Patrick Jann. This movie takes place in the world of beauty pageants.

Adams has a minor role in this film, and it’s easy to forget she was in it. This was one of her first screen appearances, but she was quickly appreciated as a very funny actress, and her character Leslie was amusing. Although she is known as a very dramatic actress, it’s roles like this that helped her get started in the industry.

5/10 Doubt (2008) – 3.8

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doubt Amy Adams

Doubt has a respectable 3.8 on Letterboxd. This is Adams’ first film with Hoffman, and they are joined by the great Meryl Streep as this film tackles abuse in the Catholic Church.

Adams also has another Oscar nomination for his role in this film. Though she didn’t win, fans think she should have been rewarded as a Letterbox user, Lucy exclaims, “WHY AMY ADAMS STILL DOESN’T HAVE AN OSCAR.” This was Adams’ biggest dramatic role to date, so Doubt really put her in the spotlight.

4/10 The Master (2012) – 4.0

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Close-up of Peggy Dodd in The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic The master has a 4.0 rating on Letterboxd. Adams joins Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in this Oscar-nominated drama.

Adams plays the daughter of Hoffman’s character, who starts a new religion after World War II. She was on her game in this one, as her performance earned Adams an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Letterboxd user NoahNator says it best when they simply state, “amazing acting all around”. Adams transfixes everyone with this performance and leaves your eyes glued to the screen.

3/10 Catch Me If You Can (2002) – 4.0

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Amy Adams in Catch Me If You Can

Catch me if you can got a 4.0 on Letterboxd. Spielberg’s legendary films star Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, but Adams has a minor role as nurse Brenda Strong.

Brenda is one of Adams’ most familiar characters and is DiCaprio’s love interest in the film. Adams did a good job of making the viewer feel bad for Brenda, as everyone wanted it to work out with DiCaprio’s Abagnale. Letterboxd user andrea agrees, saying, “Just watched Leo risk getting caught after two years of flawless check fraud, just so he could settle down with Miss Amy Adams.” It would be amazing to see Adams perform with DiCaprio today.

2/10 She (2013) – 4.0

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Amy Adams in She

Your sit down below Arrival with a 4.0 plan. Adams stars alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson in this Best Picture nominee.

This film received several other accolades, including four other Academy Award nominations, Golden Globe nominations, and a very respectable IMDb score. Adams has a very comforting demeanor in this film that fascinates the viewer. Letterboxd user Shannon comments on this by saying, “Amy Adams has such a calming presence… I would trust her with my life.” Even though Adams wasn’t the center of attention in this one, her performance left the viewer wanting more from her character.

1/10 Arrival (2016) – 4.1

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Forest Whitaker, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in Arrival

Arrival has the highest score of any Amy Adams film at 4.1. This sci-fi mystery sees Adams as Dr. Louise Banks as she tries to solve why aliens have visited Earth by communicating in her language.

This movie is spectacular, and Adams is a huge part of it. Letterboxd user #1 fan of gadgets agrees when they say, “This movie is 100% a masterpiece… the acting, ESPECIALLY by Amy Adams, is amazing.” Adams is really able to embody this character and helps the viewer become fully immersed in the film’s world. If people didn’t take Adams seriously before Arrival, they soon discovered that they were mistaken.

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