Marcos Braz signs Flamengo’s first major signing for the Interclub World Cup

Marcos Braz
Marcos Braz

O Flamengo has been looking for new names to bet on in the season of 2023where it should prioritize the dispute of the Interclub World Cup. But before going out looking for new players, Marcos Braz has prioritized ensuring the permanence of athletes considered important. After ensuring the renewal of Filipe Luís, and forward to David Luiz, now Ayrton Lucas is the new official player of the rubro-negro.

The left-back, who had a great year wearing the Flamengo shirt, belongs to Spartak Moscow, who initially played hard to sell it, but the situation has improved a lot in the last few hours and the report brings backstage favorable to the CRF🇧🇷 Ayrton from the first moment said that he would like to stay at Mengão and refused polls from other European teams.

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O Flamengoin turn, ruled out paying 9 million euros requests by spartak and conversations stalled. After a few meetings, the CRF presented a more advantageous offer, BRL 36 million, and negotiations intensified. The player has everything agreed with the Rubro-Negro: 4 years and salary revolving around BRL 450 thousand.

Russians liked the deal

The Russians liked the terms of the negotiation, but asked for an adjustment to receive a little more money in the future stipulated in the contract in some performance clauses. The values ​​were not revealed, but the Flamengo also agreed and now awaits the documentation to announce the permanence of the left-back. The advance of the negotiation was anticipated by the journalist Venê Casagrande.

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