Viola Davis – 57 Years Old | The 10 Best Roles of the Acclaimed Oscar-Winning Actress

Viola Davis is one of the best actresses in the entertainment industry and has found success not only in film but also on television.

Responsible for immortalizing some of the most memorable roles of recent decades, Davis was hugely successful in works such as ‘Cross Stories’ and ‘Doubt’🇧🇷 In 2016, the actress co-starred in the acclaimed drama ‘A Boundary Between Us’which won him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars, while, two years earlier, he won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Annalize Keating on the crime series ‘How to Get Away with Murder’🇧🇷

on the day of today, august 11Davis has a birthday – and we couldn’t let the celebrations go unnoticed.

Thinking about it and celebrating your 57 years old of life, we have prepared a simple article listing your top ten roles🇧🇷

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the premiere of denzel washington in theaters may not have pleased everyone, both the public and the critics, but it is undeniable that Viola Davis, incarnating Eva May, a mother who was arrested and ended up leaving her only child in the care of an orphanage, refusing to claim her guard after release. Despite being in a supporting role and not having as much screen time as her colleagues, the actress delivers a simple and strong performance, taking care to place her character within an arc of guilt and redemption that extracts her best and fixes her versatility for the big screen.

In yet another of her collaborations as a supporting actress, Davis embodies Detective Parker, responsible for Kale’s safety and guidance (Shia LaBeouf) and Julie (Carry-Ann Moss) about the home regime your child must go through after having a tantrum in the middle of school. The main story is loosely inspired by Indiscreet Windowa 1954 film directed by Alfred Hitchcockand the actress seems to have dived deep into the detective archetype typical of that era, adopting an expressionless and extremely rational countenance, distancing herself from her previous roles and adding another layer to her already solid career.

This may not be one of his best-known roles either, but Davis’ presence in United States of Taraseries starring Toni Collette and Emmy Award winner, is simply comical and engaging on so many levels. In the show, she gives life to Lynda P. Frazier, mentor to the character of brie larson and one of Tara’s best friends, who lends her name to the title. Her irreverence and complete lack of onscreen social sense made her a comedy icon in the late 2000s, earning her an NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

7. THE WIDOWS (2018)

‘The Widows’ is, without a doubt, one of the most underrated films of the past decade and deserves to be revisited, even in the short time since its release. In the plot, Davis plays Veronica, wife of a known criminal (Liam Neeson) who is killed by the police and who leaves unfinished business behind. After being threatened with death, Veronica finds Harry’s notebook which predicts in detail what would be her next move. Veronica then decides to carry out the robbery, with the help of the other widows of those killed in the frustrated robbery. It’s no surprise that, within this incredible feature film, Davis has received acclaim for her stunning performance.

6. DOUBT (2008)

Doubt maybe it’s proof that it doesn’t take much to rectify an actor’s potency and artistic ability. in the movie John Patrick Shanley, Viola Davis does not appear more than ten minutes in the scene, and yet she was targeted by the Academy of Dramatic Arts, which granted her her first Oscar nomination. Adept at subtexts and allegorical constructions, Mrs. Miller – the character played by Davis – brings a much more restrained characterization and sometimes submissive to superior presences (such as Sister Aloysius Beauvier, incarnated by Meryl Streep), building over its very short apparent time, enviable and definitely justifiable delineations regarding its nomination for the Best Supporting Actress award.


It’s impressive how Viola Davis becomes a chameleon when acting and always manages to surprise even the most skeptical. As if that wasn’t enough in her previous performances, playing Aibileen Clark in the film adaptation of History Crusades provided yet another layer to its incomparable versatility and malleability. In the story, set in the 1960s in the midst of racial segregation in the United States, Aibileen is the first interviewee of the aspiring writer Skeeter (Emma Stone), and sees the opportunity to unite with her friends and turn against the oppression that all of them suffer from their employers. Her incredible charisma on the scene earned her her second Oscar nomination, now in the Best Actress category, but she lost the statuette to Meryl Streep (The iron Lady🇧🇷

One of the most famous series of ABC may have its soap opera flaws, but if there’s one thing Shonda Rhimes knows how to do is to create engaging characters and handpick the best ones to integrate its cast. And it would not be different with Viola Davis, who gives life to the protagonist Annalize Keating. Her dynamic and scrutinized interpretation of nuances is engaging and breathtaking, and it is no wonder that, in three years on the show, she received three nominations for Best Actress at the Emmy Awards, taking one of the statuettes home and becoming the first black woman to win such an award.

In Get on UpDavis was handpicked by the director tate taylor to play Susie Brown, mother of the jazz icon who lends her name to the film, embodied here by Chadwick Boseman🇧🇷 In addition to working with your partner again Octavia Spencerhis truth on stage and his clear nuances of personality earned him prestige both from the critics and from the public, building mostly dynamic sequences of the aforementioned musical style.


‘A Boundary Between Us’ is one of the great peaks of Viola Davis’ career. Obviously her filmography is not even close to being over, but it is extremely important to mention that her reprise as housewife Rose Maxson in the adaptation of the play 🇧🇷Fences’in August Wilson, is superb. From the first minutes she is on the scene, we feel a superhuman containment on the part of the character that, after going through lies and obstacles to pitchers, culminates in a sentimental explosion – without falling into melodramatic clichés – worthy of appreciation even by the most skeptical. . Her interpretation earned her the first Oscar statuette, marking her third nomination and putting the actress once again in the spotlight by making her the first black woman to be awarded the Oscar, the Emmy and the Tony Award (maximum prize of the American theater ).

Davis gives her own show as Ma Rainey and as one of the most versatile actresses of her generation. After 🇧🇷Doubt’🇧🇷 🇧🇷How To Get Away with Murder’ and the aforementioned 🇧🇷A Boundary Between Us’, it was hard to imagine that the actress would overcome herself without stumbling over certain obstacles – but she proves us wrong: her spectacular success is due to a passionate and intrinsic bond that she creates with what she is given. The protagonist is an impetuous black woman who is looked down upon by the white men who have accompanied her throughout her life, for the simple reason of demanding respect and demanding that she be treated as she deserves. After all, the blues, like jazz and rap (decades later, of course), belongs to the African-American community and serves as a means of finding a voice in a divided and racist society. From her first moment on stage, Ma Rainey claims the spotlight for herself – and no one else.

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