OneXPlayer 2 announced by the brand with Ryzen 7 6800U processor and 2.6K screen

O OneXPlayer 2 was announced this Monday (21) by the brand for the Chinese market. At first, the portable console arrives shortly after a month of the launch of the OneXPlayermini Pro, which even received a Gundam-inspired version. In this sense, the manufacturer usually brings products with the aim of rivaling the Steam Deck🇧🇷

To do this, it comes with a processor Ryzen 7 6800Ubut there is a chip variant intel core i7 13th generation. However, memory-related specifications RAM and the internal storage of the product have not yet been revealed by the company. Still, she released a video showing some of the attributes that the item will have.

Among the details revealed by the company, it is worth noting that the new laptop will not be just a console. In this sense, it can also be used as a tablet or as a notebook. The controls to be used as a video game are detachable, something similar to what you see on the nintendo switch🇧🇷

The OneXPlayer 2 battery will come with a capacity of 65.5 Wh, but the company has not stated what autonomy the laptop will be able to deliver. The screen, in turn, is 8.4 inches in size and the resolution is 2.6K. However, it is not yet known whether the panel is of the IPS or OLED type.

The video released by OneXPlayer also highlights the lights around the item’s analogs. According to the manufacturer, the console/portable PC will hit the market in 2023, but pre-orders will be available from that day. November 25th🇧🇷 Until then, new information about the device may appear on the company’s pages.

Recently, it also announced OneXFly, equipped with AMD processors.

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