THE BALL – France is scared but overtakes Australia (World Cup 2022)

France entered this World Cup on the right foot, as they beat Australia by a clear 4-1, in a match in which their superiority was clearly demonstrated.

But if the French entered the competition with the right foot, the truth is that they entered the game with the left foot, since it was the Australians who reached the goal first, by Goodwin, after the 9th minute, after a cross by Leckie da left – in this move, Lucas Hernández, French left-back, injured himself and had to be substituted.

A change in Griezmann’s positioning (he started at the right of midfield and moved to Giroud’s back) created confusion in the Australian defense, taking advantage of the French to reach the 2-1 in five minutes, with goals from Rabiot (27) and Giroud (32) – the Australian Irvine, close to the break, even shot at the post, in a rare appearance by Australia next to Lloris’ goal.

France came back very strong in the second half and, in this period, they built up a fat result – Mbappé scored in the 68th minute, from Dembelé’s pass, and Giroud in the 71st minute, assisted by Mbappé -, earning the Australians some excellent interventions from Ryan, Australian goalkeeper, for the difference in the result not to be greater.

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