Braz’s speech is recovered after CR7’s termination and relationship with the star’s mother gives hope: “She’s coming…”


Nation dreams again of the Portuguese going to Gávea and statements by leaders move social networks

Getty Images/Christopher Lee - Cristiano Ronaldo is back on the agenda at Flamengo
Getty Images/Christopher Lee – Cristiano Ronaldo is back on the agenda at Flamengo

Football fans have a very particular characteristic: faith. Even in a tight situation, sports fans try to force themselves to believe in the growth of the heart club. If even in crisis situations fans find reasons to believe, when the tide is good, everything is easier. Up on the mainland, Flamengo is once again considered one of the best teams in America🇧🇷 After some reformulations, the Rubro-Negro cause fear in opponents for buying power in the transfer window.

High investments in the reserve, a team full of athletes summoned for selections and audience in Europe. The path to the Club’s headquarters in Gávea was more paved, easier to access and attractive even for those who work in Europe. Amid the success of Malvadão, the 48 million fans dreamed again of a very complicated move, however, with the possibility of making history: Cristiano Ronaldo at Flamengo🇧🇷

Although there is nothing concrete officially, some videos popped up this Tuesday (22) after the Portuguese star terminated with Manchester United. In an interview by Marcos Braz to Coluna do Fla, manager Marcos Braz was even asked if the deal would be possible. Despite not answering directly, the smile that the vice president of football gave when asked about the reaction with CR7’s mother, Dona Dolores Aveiro, caught the attention of netizens🇧🇷

When Braz heard a joke from journalists about inviting Cristiano’s mother for an interview, he replied: “She really comes, huh…”🇧🇷 Another recovered video, this one on Charla Podcast with Flamengo’s general and legal vice-president, Rodrigo Dunshee considered a maximum one-off contract of three months to play in the World Cup, against Real Madrid, his former team, despite the high difficulty of the deal.

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