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Doctor who is entering a new era with the return of showrunner Russell T. Davies. With the upcoming 60th anniversary special starring David Tennant and the recent Disney+ deal granting the series bigger budgets, the future of Doctor who It’s brilliant.

Even as the series reinvents itself again, some of the actors who have appeared on the series share a similar career trend. It’s not uncommon for those who played the Doctor or one of his companions to later star as comic book villains in other projects.

Christopher Eccleston

Malekith, Thor: The Dark World

Malekith looking into the distance in Thor: The Dark World.

In 2005, Christopher Eccleston became the first actor to play the lead character in Doctor whorevived series, playing the Ninth Doctor for one season. Several years later, he also joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portraying Dark Elf leader Malekith in Thor: The Dark World🇧🇷

While there was tremendous goodwill towards Eccleston when he took on the role of a comic book villain, Malekith eventually fell to the ground. The talented actor found himself buried under the immense makeup used to bring his character to life, giving him little room to exercise his skill. Eccleston has since officially stated how much he disliked working on the film.

David Tennant

kilgrave, Jessica Jones

Kilgrave returns in Daredevil Born Again Jessica Jones

As the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant was involved in some of the Doctor whoThe best episodes of the series, portraying the character over three seasons and a series of television specials. Over the next few years, he also found success on Netflix’s Defenders Saga, where he played the cold-hearted villain Kilgrave in the first season of Jessica Jones🇧🇷

Tennant was truly chilling as Kilgrave, surpassing many other MCU villains. His commanding performance was certainly a highlight of the show’s first season, with the Scottish actor finally allowed to delve into his dark side, which was only hinted at during his time as the Doctor.

matt smith

Lucien/Milo, morbius

Matt Smith as Milo in Morbius

Matt Smith has been popping up all over the place over the past few years. His turn as the Eleventh Doctor has really thrust him into the spotlight, leading him to accept multiple roles in various franchises. Although he is best remembered for other, better projects, many fans recognize Smith from his recent appearance in morbius🇧🇷

Playing Milo, a villainous counterpart to Jared Leto’s antihero, Smith stole the movie, clearly becoming the best part of a lackluster project. Hopefully his role in morbius will allow the English actor to achieve villainous roles in better superhero movies in the future.

John Hurt

Adam Sutler, v for Vendetta

V for Vendetta John Wounded

John Hurt has a unique place in Doctor who story, portraying a Doctor who came between Eight and Nine, known as the War Doctor, who appeared in the 50th anniversary special alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith. By this point, the iconic actor had already appeared as the villainous Adam Sutler in v for Vendetta🇧🇷

While not like your other projects, v for Vendetta was a film based on the DC comic book Vertigo. Hurt’s character is a minor antagonist, spearheading the film’s political commentary as an authoritarian leader of England in a dystopian future.

Karen Gillan

nebula, Guardians of the Galaxy

Nebula holding two swords in Guardians of the Galaxy

Karen Gillan got her big break playing Amy Pond, the Eleventh Doctor’s most prominent companion. Gillan gained a huge following during her time on the series, leading to her next big role as Nebula in James Gunn. Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014.

Despite her villainous ways in her first appearance, Nebula has gone through a redemption arc in the last few installments of the MCU, becoming a true hero over time. Gillan also found new ways to bring the character to life, even under heavy prosthetics, making her next appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 all the more exciting.

John Barrowman

Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow

John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow

John Barrowman made quite an impression on audiences during his time on Doctor who🇧🇷 As Captain Jack Harkness, Barrowman interacted with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors before receiving his own spinoff series, torchwood🇧🇷 Since the end of his series, he has also appeared in a recurring role on the CW series. Arrow🇧🇷

As Malcolm Merlyn, Barrowman brought Green Arrow’s greatest villain to life, appearing sporadically throughout the series to wreak havoc in Oliver Queen’s life. Her charm, gruff manner, and underlying heart have made Merlyn one of the Arrowverse’s most compelling villains.

Jenna Coleman

Joana Constantino, O sandman

Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine in Netflix's Sandman

As Clara Oswald, Jenna Coleman served as a companion to the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors during their time in Doctor who🇧🇷 After leaving the series, she appeared in several iconic roles, the most recent being Johanna Constantine in Neil Gaiman’s Netflix adaptation. The Sand Man.

While some are more inclined to label Johanna Constantine an anti-hero than a villain, there’s no denying that she follows more flimsy moral guidelines than most. However, her adventures are sure to continue. the sand man be picked up for a second season, exploring the deeper moral implications of Johanna’s actions.

Felicity Jones

Felicia Hardy, the amazing spider-man 2

Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Before becoming a huge star, Felicity Jones had a one-off appearance in Doctor who as jewel thief Robina Redmond in the episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp”. Since then, she has starred in several notable roles, including Felicia Hardy, the future Black Cat, in the amazing spider-man 2🇧🇷

While Jones’ role was certainly intended to create a bigger role in the franchise’s third installment, that sadly never came to pass, leaving fans wondering what the actress would have brought to the iconic comic book villain. Still, her role in the amazing spider-man 2 remains one of the most interesting parts of the deeply flawed film.

Tony Curran

Despero, The Flash

Despero standing on a lonely street in The Flash

Tony Curran had a memorable role in the fifth season of Doctor who, where he played the legendary artist Vincent van Gogh in one of the most emotional episodes of the entire series. Since then, Curran has also appeared in the Arrowverse as Despero, one of The Flash’s most powerful villains yet.

Curran’s role in The Flash it’s certainly more campy than his portrayal of van Gogh. Even so, he makes the best of the script given to him, becoming one of the standouts of The FlashOtherwise, season eight is underwhelming.

Peter Capaldi

The Thinker, The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Thinker

As the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi was the last Doctor in Steven Moffat’s time as Doctor whoshowrunner of, ushering the character into a whole new era after his regeneration. In recent years, Capaldi has dipped his toes into the comic book movie pool, portraying the Thinker in James Gunn’s film. The Suicide Squad🇧🇷

Among an extensive cast, Capaldi shines as a character decidedly more sadistic than the Twelfth Doctor. Like most other characters in the film, the Thinker dies a gruesome death, seemingly disqualifying the villain from any future appearances in the DCEU.

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