11 executives indicate the films that marked their lives and careers

Executives name the movies that changed their lives and careers

Cinema is one of the most popular and beloved forms of entertainment in the world, pleasing people of all tastes and ages. It was one of the sectors that suffered most from the global pandemic. Even in the process of resumption, the global film market earned US$ 21.3 billion in 2021. Despite having grown 81% compared to 2020, the number was below previous levels.

With indications that talk about moments and evolution of society or stories lived by great men and women of the world, executives indicate the films that changed their lives and their careers. Check out:

Bruno Stemposki, VP of Engineering at Adyen, indicates The Destiny of a Nationby Joe Wright:

“I love movies based on true stories. Mainly in historical contexts. I try to put myself in the protagonist’s shoes, with the amount of information they had at the time. This film depicts a very critical moment in the history of World War II. Churchill was under immense pressure, having to make a difficult decision with incomplete information and little knowledge of his allies and opponents. The moral of the story is that if you are true to your values ​​and principles, no matter how difficult/unpopular the decision is, you will find strength to overcome obstacles and creative solutions to problems. That is, in a moment of uncertainty, be true to your values ​​and beliefs”, comments the executive.

Armando Botelho, commercial director at Creditú, indicates Walt Before Mickey, from Khoa Le:

Film that portrays Walt’s long journey to success, in which many challenges are presented and resolved with Disney’s talent and way of doing things. “I bring this to my daily life here at Creditú, especially the lessons of transparency, whether in the way of dealing with people in team building, empathy with the client, perseverance and creativity to make things happen: “you can dream, you can do”, comments Armando.

Ivan Barboza, partner and manager of Ártica Long Term FIA, indicates The big bet, from Adam McKay:

This film tells the story of American investors who bet against the real estate market, which in the 2000s was very profitable, contrary to all market expectations. Michael Burry, Mark Baum, Jared Vennet and Ben Rickert are the characters at the epicenter of the film, as they identified a fall that the entire market discredited. The film’s great lesson is that supported by good fundamentals, you will often see opportunities that are not yet being seen by the market.

Rodrigo Ricco, CEO of Octadesk🇧🇷 indicates Back to the futureby Robert Zemeckis:

“The big theme of the film is time travel. Imagine you, a teenager, meeting your parents also in adolescence, traveling to the past and having the opportunity to see them as they really were and not as they tell you. Of course, this trip brings a series of implications, as any change in the past has an impact on the future, even putting its existence at risk. Back to the Future is the most sensational trilogy of all. This film was remarkable for me, at the time, as a child, because it first opened my mind to a very important point: not to limit my ideas. Imagine a time machine and even more so a DeLorean. It was something that exploded in my head at the time. But just as important as having the idea is executing it. The film makes it very clear, that only years after a first insight (flux capacitor) it was possible to connect the dots and make this machine work, showing that many things we did in the past generate repertoire for your future, only with this repertoire can you achieve incredible feats!”

Glaucia Hora, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at CM.com indicates Stars Beyond Timeby Theodore Melfi.

“Based on real events, the film shows a very controversial subject at the time of the Cold War, which is racism – and which, even today, remains a very important issue and has a long, slow way to go. The protagonists of this film are three black women who worked at NASA and, due to racial segregation, could not occupy the same space as white people. With completely separate environments, it was very difficult for these girls to be able to do the basics, which was their responsibility. One of the most striking scenes was that of the protagonist Katherine Johnson, when she is recognized for the mathematical calculation she made and the astronaut, as a sign of respect and trust in her work, decided to board the rocket. This film is inspiring because it brings several reflections on the issue of racism and high-ranking positions that, unfortunately, we still don’t see many black people occupying these spaces.

Karim Hardane, Country Manager at Nowports, indicates Any given Sunday, from Oliver Stone:

Starring famous names from the cinema, such as Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz and Dennis Quaid, it presents the backstage of American football and all the pressure that surrounds the sport, both internally (team and coach) and externally (sponsors, media, etc.). Al Pacino plays Tony D’Amato, coach of the Sharks, who faces a losing streak and needs to turn it around. “I really like sports and this film in particular brings valuable lessons, addresses how teamwork, built on a day-to-day basis, is fundamental for achieving results, that is, it makes an analogy with work environments and lists the challenges what confrontations, but which are always overcome with the work of a cohesive team and willing to make a difference. At one point, Tony D’Amato’s motivational speech, with Al Pacino’s incredible performance, is both unforgettable and inspiring,” says Hardane.

Pedro Eugenio, COO and founding partner of FNX Participações, indicates Gold, by Stephen Gaghan:

The film, starring Matthew McConaughey, tells the story of a son whose father is a prospector, who sees in the search for gold a chance to change his situation. For Pedro, the film shows the strength of the gold market and this market has the ability to move the economy and consequently governments, markets and investors.

Dagmar Rivieri (Tia Dag), founder of Casa do Zezinho, indicates Dead Poets Societyby Peter Weir:

Starring Robin Williams, the work tells the story of a poetry teacher who uses very different learning methods from the school where he starts working. “A film that makes us reflect, as parents and institutions, on what really is the best choice for young people. What does it really mean to know how to live? What is the legacy of life? What mark will you leave in history? How will you be remembered? This tide of doubts makes us, teachers, have to respond in the midst of social ills”, points out Rivieri.

Callebe Mendes, CEO of Zapay, indicates.rudyby David Anspaugh:

Playing for the University of Notre Dame was Rudy’s dream, but the lack of good grades and money prevented him from realizing it. After high school he goes to work in a factory, but only after a sad event happens he manages to make the varsity team. Rudy is a film about a young man who had a dream and a passion for American football, and who despite his limitations never gave up on his goals and persevered in the face of adversity. “The feature made me hungry to achieve my goals, and it was where I learned valuable lessons on overcoming obstacles that I apply in my life and in my business. Persistence and the will to win are present every day in an entrepreneur’s life, and that’s why this film is so important to me.”, explains the executive.

Georgia Sanches, head of Business Development at LoopiPay, indicates a Mr Internby Nancy Meyers:

In this film, Anne Hathaway is a young entrepreneur and CEO of a startup, who is passionate about what she does, works hard, several times in a centralized way (with good intentions) and ends up getting entangled with the anxiety and pressure of a company with very high growth. Quickly, though very creative, successful and smart, she finds her new elderly intern (Robert DeNiro) to be a dedicated employee and friend. “I like this film that speaks in a very delicate and fun way about age and gender diversity, breaking stereotypes of women and the elderly in the workplace”, reveals Georgia.

Roberto Cury, CMO of Gama Academy, indicates Life is Beautifulby Roberto Benigni:

“One of the films that most marked my life was “A Vida é Bela”, a classic from 1997. I loved the film and, after becoming a father, when I saw the situation of the protagonist, who tries to ease the pain of his son in the face of a such a cruel scenario, I was even more impacted. I highly recommend it and prepare the tissues”, comments Cury.

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