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how to choose one quality cell phone when taking advantage of discounts sexta-feira Negra🇧🇷 That’s the question you might be asking yourself right now. Therefore, we separate some tips that will help you find the best devices at the least price. However, the configuration is important so as not to regret it later. See the details and start comparing prices.

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1 – RAM memory

Many people think first about storage capacity and forget to pay attention to RAM when choosing a cell phone. She is responsible for transporting the data to the processor and the faster the device will be. You must have at least 4 MB of memory.

2 – Are you going to choose a cell phone? see the screen

OLED and AMOLED technology are the best for a good mobile device. Devices with LCD are not the most suitable, as they are not as sharp as the others. Also, look for Full HD resolution or higher to further enhance your experience.

3 – Internal storage

O storage internal is the amount of data your phone can hold. To have satisfactory use, the suggested minimum is 32 GB, but options with 68 GB may be more adequate. Applications are heavier and more numerous every day.

4 – Camera

If you want to choose a quality cell phone in sexta-feira Negra, look for models with night mode, 4k shooting, wide lenses, with autofocus and high megapixel quality. This is the suggested minimum configuration so you won’t regret it later.

5 – How to choose a cell phone with good battery life?

You should also pay attention to the battery quality that the cell phone offers. For this, the minimum required is lithium ion and have at least 4,000 mAh.

6 – More technology

Finally, look for devices with USB-C, Wi-Fi 5 or 6, Bluetooth 5.0, sensors and NFC antenna.

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