A film with Giulia Be has been in the top 10 on Netflix for a month. Know everything!

It’s from Brazil! The film “After the Universe”, with Giulia Be and Henry Zaga, completed a month this week in the top 10 worldwide on Netflix, according to official data from the platform. The singer plays Nina, and in addition, she brought special tracks for the plot, one in English and another with the same name as the film.

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Speaking of which, the track is on Spotify’s Top 50 Brazil and is almost reaching the same number on Viral Songs Global. In the plot, Nina is a young and talented pianist who sees her dreams get lost between hemodialysis sessions and the wait for a kidney transplant. But her romance with the young doctor Gabriel, played by actor Henrique Zaga, helps her overcome her insecurities and fight for her goal of playing on stage with the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra. The story of the character Nina also highlights a disease little discussed in the country: Lupus.

For the film, Giulia Be also had contact with people with the disease, and with patients undergoing hemodialysis. The reports were fundamental for the construction of the character.


On the night of Wednesday, November 23,Bruna Marquezine participated in an event in São Paulo. A few hours earlier, a video of her on the Warner page on Twitter led her name to the most commented subjects, because of an interview for Variety Magazine. In the pictures, the actress rocks in English

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She plays Penny in the feature that debuts in 2023 in theaters. The teenager is the object of passion for Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle. The two maintain a relationship throughout the production – which ended up extending off screen.

In conversation with the North American magazine, Bruna did not hide her embarrassment for being in a place that was strange to her until so recently. Still, after a few minutes, she began to feel more comfortable knowing the place.

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Manu Gavassi’s friend still didn’t mince words to highlight the joy for the trip and the invitation from the comic book producer to join the cast for the night. According to her, it was an honor.

I’m here with my friends from DC and it’s my first time doing something like this. It’s something big. It’s amazing. Now I’m feeling a little better, more confident. It’s great to be part of such a beautiful night!”

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With no set date, the night of celebration in the United States had a special honoree: Julia Roberts. An inspiration for Bruna Marquezine, the presenter asked what the American movie star’s favorite movie was. She opted for the classic and mentioned one of the actress’s most watched films.

“I have to say ‘Pretty Woman’. I know exactly everything about him. And I’ve dressed up as her for Halloween and everything,” she declared.

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During the filming of “Blue Beetle”, Bruna Marquezine and Xoxo Maridueña started a romance. However, she didn’t talk about it during the trip. The two, by the way, maintain a relationship quite far from the spotlight. And so it will remain, if Bruna follows the example of the interview.

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Although there are still many months to go before the release of “Blue Beetle”, DC Comics movie starring Xolo Maridueña and Bruna Marquezinethe couple’s chemistry on screen is already being highly praised by a select group of people, as some insiders have revealed.

This group would be, according to the insider Undercover Audience, the guests for the test screenings of the film. Test screenings confidentially show a limited audience an unfinished film in production, so that opinions can be given and improvements can be made until the premiere.

However, it is possible that, even with the confidentiality agreement, someone leaves an anonymous statement for the leak profiles (the insiders), as was the case this time. However, remember to treat all information as a rumor, as nothing is proven.

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In one of the alleged statements, the chemistry between the main couple was highly praised: “It was said that they had great chemistry. As for the romance, it mostly starts in the last act of the movie, and then it kind of gets sealed with the last scene. Expect more in the sequel.”

Other highlights of the statements form the performance of Xolo itself, by Bellissa Escobedo, interpreter of the hero’s younger sister, and that of Susan Sarandon as the villain, Victoria Kord. Also, due to the character’s Latino roots, it was said that much of the project is in Spanish with subtitles. The family dynamic was highly praised, described as “sweet and full of comedy”.

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