Brazil vs Serbia LIVE LIVE (1-0) | 11/24/2022

17:482 minutes ago

90′ +7

Let’s go up to 97.

17:464 minutes ago

87′ Substitution in Brazil 🔄

17:419 minutes ago

83′ Substitution in Serbia 🔄

17:409 minutes ago


Fred hits from outside the area and goalkeeper Sérvio makes another save.

17:40 10 minutes ago


Rodrygo crosses, Milinkovic-Savic saves.

17:3911 minutes ago


Casemiro hits the ball and the ball explodes on the crossbar. Almost a great goal from the Brazilian midfielder.

17:3812 minutes ago

79′ Substitution in Brazil 🔄

17:34 16 minutes ago

75′ Substitution in Brazil 🔄

17:3119 minutes ago


🇺🇸 AND WHAT A GOLAAAAOOOO! Vini Jr. Go left and cross to Richarlison. The center forward dominates at the top and turns a beautiful volley to score his second goal for Brazil.

17:2822 minutes ago


Lazovic takes a risk with a quick hit, but the ball goes out the bottom line.

17:25 25 minutes ago


Vini Jr keeps the ball, cleans it and when it’s time to finish, he slips.

17:2426 minutes ago

65′ Substitution in Serbia 🔄

17:2228 minutes ago

63′ Yellow card 🟨

Card to Lukic, per complaint.

17:2030 minutes ago


🇺🇸 Neymar receives at the edge of the area, clears the markers, and Vini Jr. have leftovers to finish. In the goalkeeper’s rebound, Richarlison appears pushes to the bottom of the goal!

17:1832 minutes ago


Alexsandro risks from the middle, the ball explodes in the right post of the goalkeeper Milinkovic-Savic.

17:1634 minutes ago

56′ Substitution in Serbia 🔄

17:1337 minutes ago


Vini Jr crosses for Neymar, the number 10 tries left-handed and sends it over the goal.

17:1139 minutes ago


Vini Jr makes a good move and crosses, Neymar tries to head it, but the ball goes straight through.

17:0842 minutes ago


Neymar takes a free kick, the ball hits the wall and Brazil wins a corner.

17:0644 minutes ago

48′ Yellow card 🟨

Gudelj is carded for fouling Neymar.

17:04 an hour ago

45′ LOST!

Rafinha presses the defense and steals the ball and comes face to face with Milinkovic-Savic. The attacker doesn’t finish well again and the goalkeeper makes the save.

17:03 an hour ago


Ball rolling to final stage.

16:47 an hour ago

46′ END OF 1st HALF

Brazil 0x0 Serbia.

16:45 an hour ago

45′ +1

Let’s go up to 46.

16:42 an hour ago


Milenkovic fumbles and Vini Jr keeps the ball. The Brazilian striker finishes, but ends up catching the ball wrong and it goes out through the bottom line.

16:35 an hour ago

34′ LOST

Raphinha plays with Paquetá, receives a free kick inside the area, face to face with the goalkeeper. But at the time of finishing, the Brazilian striker finishes weak and the ball is calm for the defense of Milinkovic-Savic.

16:32 an hour ago


Raphina and Paquetá make a rehearsed play in the corner. The number 11 crosses low, Thiago Silva with a cart tries to touch it, but the ball goes straight through and stays with Milinkovic-Savic.

16:28 an hour ago


Thiago Silva makes a masterful pass to Vini Jr, free inside the area. Goalkeeper Milinkov-Savic leaves the goal well, closes the angle and makes the save.

16:25 an hour ago


Tadic crosses in the area looking for Mitrovic, but Alisson knows the goal well and keeps the ball.

16:21 an hour ago


Now it was Casemiro’s turn to try from afar, Milinkovic-Savic defended in two halves.

16:21 an hour ago


Neymar risks outside the area, but in the middle of the way, the ball explodes in the defense.

4:14pm 2 hours ago


Neymar takes a right corner for the goal, but goalkeeper Milinkovic-Savic makes the save and avoids the goal. Almost an Olympic goal by the Brazilian number 10.

4:13pm 2 hours ago


Vini Jr makes a beautiful individual move on the left, enters the area and tries the cross. Serbia’s defense deflects and sends it to a corner.

4:11pm 2 hours ago


Zivkovic tries the cross, but the ball goes straight into Alisson’s hands.

4:06pm 2 hours ago

06′ Yellow card 🟨

Pavlovic’s card, for a foul committed on Neymar.

4:06pm 2 hours ago


Tadic makes an individual play on the right and crosses. Brazil’s defense moves away.

4:04 pm 2 hours ago


Vini Jr makes a good move and launches Raphinha, who advances on the right and crosses low. Serbia’s defense fends off the danger.

4:01 pm 2 hours ago


In one minute, there were three fouls. Two committed by Serbs.

4 pm 2 hours ago


Rolling ball, start the game.

3:56pm 2 hours ago

⏱️’ Pre-game

Performance of the Serbian national anthem.

3:54pm 2 hours ago

⏱️’ Pre-game

Performance of the Brazilian national anthem.

3:53pm 2 hours ago

⏱️’ Pre-game

Teams entering the field.

3:51 pm 2 hours ago

⏱️’ Pre-game

Teams in the tunnel.

3:36pm 2 hours ago

⏱️’ Pre-game

Teams doing warm-up work.

3:09pm 3 hours ago

⏱️’ Serbia climbing!

15:043 hours ago

⏱️ ‘ Brazil climbed!

2:59pm 3 hours ago


Brazil confirms, Vini Jr will form the attacking trio with Richarlison and Raphinha.
Neymar, Lucas Paquetá and Casemiro form the midfield trio.

2:54 pm 3 hours ago

⏱️’ Group G Situation

2:49 pm 3 hours ago

⏱️’ Brazil locker room

2:44 pm 3 hours ago

When is Brazil vs Serbia and how can I watch it LIVE?

2:39 pm 3 hours ago

How and where to watch the game Brazil vs Serbia and LIVE

In addition to the real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between Brazil vs Serbia will be broadcast live by Globo and Sportv.

2:34 pm 3 hours ago


2:29 pm 3 hours ago

🗣️Speak up, Dragan Stojkovic!

“We must expect the best Serbia, courageous, who will play the best football and look for an excellent result. Brazil is one of the best teams in the world, they have a golden generation, and we certainly expect a very difficult game. But as a team we have to focus on our own style of football, with our technical and tactical skills to be a good opponent for Brazil. The game starts 0-0. Brazil has a chance to win, but so does Serbia.”

2:24 pm 3 hours ago

Serbia likely lineup

2:19pm 4 hours ago

Serbia situation

2:14pm 4 hours ago

🗣️ Speak up, Tite!

“The story (of Brazil in Cups) is beautiful and brings pressure, yes, but it also has the tranquility of knowing the opportunities that arise in life, which dreaming is part of. So we dreamed of having a great Cup and being champions. And if not, make the best of it.” “The story (of Brazil in Cups) is beautiful and brings pressure, yes, but it also has the tranquility of knowing the opportunities that arise in life, which dreaming is part of. So we dreamed of having a great Cup and being champions. And if not, make the best of it.”

2:09pm 4 hours ago

Brazil’s likely lineup

14:044 hours ago

situation in Brazil

13:594 hours ago

Your last Cups

Both teams played in the 2018 World Cup, and even faced each other on that occasion. O Brazil reached the quarterfinals and was eliminated for Belgiumlosing by the score of 2 to 1. Serbia stayed through the group stage, lost to the Brazilian team by 2-0 and did not qualify. Now, four years later, the teams face each other again at the Worlds.

13:54 4 hours ago


13:494 hours ago


Hello fan! Keep an eye on each team’s situation for the match soon. Follow the details, lineups and news as it happens live here on VAVEL Brasil’s small screen.

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