“BRL 1.5 million/month + contract until 2024”; MLS shirt 10 is analyzed and awaits approval from Braz at Flamengo

O Flamengo has one of the strongest rosters on the South American scene, envying several rivals, especially for its financial regularity, always staying in the green. In any case, even with these extremely high-quality options available, the board knows that it will need to hire a few more people, even if on a one-off basis.

During this period of the World Cup, in which the players were given vacations to rest after an intense season, Flemish leaders take the opportunity to analyze some possibilities that appear on the marketeven more so if they have the capacity to reach and raise their level even further, receiving salaries considered “payable”.

According to information from journalist Fred Gomes, Carles Gil of the New England Revolutionfrom MLS, would be one of the names only analyzed by Mais Querido, but no official proposal was made:

“Friends, a space to reply to a fan who came to me yesterday, I forgot his @. He asked if Flamengo was looking for Carles Gil, Spanish midfielder from New England Revolution, from MLS. Nthere has been no official contact by the playeraccording to the North American club”began by completing:

“We won’t address all the names asked, but since New England’s return was so quick, I decided to share. Argentine Sergio Neveleff, representative of New England in Brazil, guarantees that there is nothing official🇧🇷emphasized the communicator, who did not stop there:

“Neveleff says it is a pride to see the name of an important player linked to big clubs in Brazil – Cruzeiro recently showed interest. Flamengo’s scout team has already analyzed Carles’ name, but, as far as I know, it has never made an official attempt.🇧🇷finished.

The number 10, born in Valencia, Spain, is captain of the US team, having played 35 games this season, with 10 goals and 10 assists. His current contract runs until 2024, with an annual salary of US$3.55 million, that is, around R$1.5 million per month at current prices.

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