“BRL 38.6 million cheaper than Gerson”; 28-year-old midfielder is placed on Marcos Braz’s table at Flamengo


Midfielder is well evaluated internally in Mais Querido

- Joker Gerson
🇧🇷 Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo– Joker Gerson

The crowd of Flamengo still expects a positive outcome from the arrival of Joker Gerson. Olympique de Marseille plays hardball, as in every negotiation with the French. CRF knows very well how this type of game is played, preaches caution and the famous “ice in the blood”. The midfielder’s father and manager, Marcão, nailed it three times in recent weeks that everything was all right and that the player had returned. Maybe it was a rush, but trust still lingers on the father’s side.

Meanwhile, the Flemish vice-president of football remains attentive to any movement in the market and will spare no efforts to qualify the squad for dorival junior🇧🇷 The idea, by the way, is to have at least three to four reinforcements already in January and, thus, give time for the Flemish coach to integrate the newcomers into the main group of the CRF.

Gerson is still a target, but other names appear at Braz’s table. One of them is another “weight” player, who has a lot of experience in Europe and has been venturing into Arab football since 2021. This is Talisca, 28 years old, ex-Bahia and who shone with Benfica’s shirt, from Portugal. He is a player who has always been highly praised internally by current leaders of Flamengo.

At several meetings of the Football Council, the name was put up for discussion. Flamengo wants at least two renowned reinforcements for the World Cup, those who make an impact and Talisca fits that profile. According to the “Transfermarkt” portal, the Brazilian midfielder is valued at 13 million euros (BRL 71.8 million at current quotation), that is, it is BRL 38.6 million cheaper than Gerson, considering that the “OM” asks for 20 million euros (BRL 110.4 million🇧🇷

Talisca never hid her desire to return to Brazilian football, all because she left Bahia very young. His contract with Al-Nassr FC runs until June 2024🇧🇷 Flamengo would have full conditions to hire him if there really is a strong interest in his signing.

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