CR7 breaks record, and Portugal beats Ghana in electrifying game

Cristiano Ronaldo left his, broke a historic record and helped the Portuguese team debut with victory at the World Cup in Qatar. This afternoon (24th), Portugal beat Ghana by 3-2, at Estádio 974, in Doha, in Group H of the world tournament. CR7, from the penalty spot, João Félix and Rafael Leão scored the European team’s goals, while Ayew and Bukari scored for the Ghanaians.

CR7 became the first player to score in five World Cups. The Portuguese striker scored his eighth goal for the national team in World Cups and reinforced his name among the main football stars of all time.

The Portugal team dictated the pace of the game, but found it difficult to break through the Ghanaian boom in the first half and had a goal by Cristiano annulled. The African team, set up to try to hold back the opposing pressure, was successful in neutralizing the Portuguese artillery in the first 45 minutes, but could not hold out in the second stage. However, although they were twice behind on the scoreboard, Ghana did not give up and almost frustrated Cristiano and company’s party.

The victory gave Portugal the first place in group H. The Portuguese are in the isolated leadership of the group, since Uruguay and South Korea drew 0-0 in the other match. The games of the teams in the second round will be held next Monday (28). The Portuguese will face the Uruguayans, while Ghana measures strength against South Korea.

CR7 gets emotional in the anthem

cristiano ronaldo - Reproduction/ITV1 - Reproduction/ITV1

Cristiano Ronaldo was moved during the execution of the national anthem of Portugal

Image: Reproduction/ITV1

Portugal’s main player, Cristiano Ronaldo, got emotional before the ball started rolling. In his fifth World Cup, the top scorer of the Portuguese national team got teary-eyed during the playing of his country’s anthem.

big robot hungry for goal

cr7 - Catherine Ivill/Getty - Catherine Ivill/Getty

Cristiano Ronaldo stops at Zigi in his first chance in the match between Portugal and Ghana,. for the 2022 World Cup

Image: Catherine Iville/Getty

The European team took command of the game from the start and had their first big chance in the 9th minute. Bruno Fernandes took advantage of Kudus’s hesitation in defense and played for Otávio, who launched CR7 in the face of the goal. The Portuguese idol did not manage to have full control of the ball and stopped at Ati, who managed to close the space when leaving the goal. The ball still bounced off the striker and went out.

In the sequence, Cristiano Ronaldo was once again in danger. Portugal took a short corner and Guerreiro lifted the ball into the area. The ‘robozão’ climbed higher than the opponents and managed to head it in, but it didn’t hit the target and sent the ball to the bottom line.

goal that didn’t count

cristiano - Robert Cianflone/Getty Images - Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal complains after having a goal disallowed in a match against Ghana at the World Cup

Image: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Ronaldo even found the net for Ghana in the 31st minute of the first stage, but the move didn’t count. João Félix prevented the ball from going out the sideline and activated the striker from above. The Portuguese playmaker dominated the ball, spun over the marking and hit it well, beating the Ghanaian goalkeeper. However, the referee pointed out that CR7 fouled Djiku in the bid dispute and invalidated the goal, leaving the ace unhappy.

Cristiano’s disallowed goal was the first real explosion at Estádio 974. It’s worth noting. Until then, the little that was heard came from the approximately one thousand fans in Ghana. Always happy and even singing. The rest of the audience seemed to be in a theater. Sitting down. Quiet. Few reactions from those who help brighten the show.

first warm weather

portugal - Clive Brunskill/Getty - Clive Brunskill/Getty

Otávio, from Portugal, is accompanied by Partey and Seidu, from Ghana, during a match at the World Cup

Image: Clive Brunskill/Getty

Portugal had broad control over actions, but found it difficult to infiltrate the opposing defense again. The Ghana team spent the entire initial stage on the backline and armed for the counterattack, but created little and didn’t even finish in the goal defended by Diogo Costa.

At 40 minutes, in view of the weak and somewhat sleepy game, a small part of the crowd decided to shout to raise spirits. But they weren’t Portuguese, or even Ghanaian. They were Mexicans. Mexico, it is worth remembering, is Argentina’s next opponent in the World Cup in Qatar.

Center of attention, Cristiano Ronaldo, who now has five World Cups under his belt, was the first to leave the field towards the locker room for half-time. The Portuguese captain had three chances to score in the first 45 minutes and left the pitch not satisfied with his team’s performance with the 0-0 lead.

CR7 breaks record

cronaldo - Youssef Loulidi/Fantasista/Getty Images - Youssef Loulidi/Fantasista/Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring for Portugal in front of Messi’s banner against Ghana at the World Cup

Image: Youssef Loulidi/Fantasista/Getty Images

History is written in Qatar: goals in all five editions of the Cup in which he participated (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022). Cristiano Ronaldo shone at Estádio 974. He conceded a penalty at 17′ of the second half, charged, inaugurated the scoreboard and went out to embrace his teammates. He really is a true record breaker. In celebration, he even saw the fans shout “yes!” and, seconds later, “Cristiano Ronaldo”.

As well as breaking an individual record, Cristiano Ronaldo scored Portugal’s 50th World Cup goal.

Ghanaian reaction

Ghanaian - Julian Finney/Getty Images - Julian Finney/Getty Images

Andre Ayew of Ghana celebrates after scoring against Portugal in the World Cup

Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images

Ghana did not give up. He was not intimidated by Portugal’s goal. Also because it has a strong striker and captain: Andre Ayew. kudus it was triggered in depth, reached the bottom line on the left and crossed to the middle of the area. Ayew appeared between the defenders to push the ball into the goal, tying the match.

It is fair to say that he evened the score with a little push from the 1,000 or so fans who were behind Portuguese goalkeeper Diogo Costa. They didn’t stop singing for even a minute. They set the pace of the game. Pure party.

Portugal imposes itself twice

felix - Richard Heathcote/Getty Images - Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

João Felix of Portugal celebrates his goal against Ghana in the World Cup

Image: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Instead of shaking, the draw gave Portugal new spirit in the game. The team was soon back in front of the scoreboard and even expanded in the sequence. João Félix scored the second goal for Portugal, at 32′, and Rafael Leão the third, at 34′. Always criticized for almost never running to hug his teammates, Cristiano Ronaldo was present at both celebrations. He was even one of the first to arrive. He is even leader of the team led by Fernando Santos.

Ghana threatens again

ghana - Matthias Hangst/Getty Images - Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Osman Bukari of Ghana celebrates scoring against Portugal ‘à la’ Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup

Image: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

In the final straight, when the game already seemed defined, Ghana managed to find its second goal. At 43′, Baba received the ball on the left, won the dispute against Cancelo and sent it to the area. Bukari appeared free to head into the corner and reduce the Portuguese advantage. The Ghanaian player took the opportunity to make the famous CR7 celebration, leading the Portuguese to delirium on the bench.

In an electrifying finale, the Ghanaian team almost tied in a big mistake by goalkeeper Diogo Costa. In stoppage time, the Portugal goalkeeper didn’t see Inaki Williams behind him and put the ball down. The attacker even stole the ball, but there was no time to finish. The Ghanaian team was unsuccessful in frustrating the Portuguese party with a heroic dash and ended up defeated by 3-2.

It was Portugal’s second victory in two duels against Ghana in the World Cup. In the 2014 edition, in Brazil, the Portuguese won by 2 to 1.


Portugal 3 x 2 Ghana

Tournament: World Cup Group H 1st round

Place: Stadium 974 in Doha, Qatar

Date and time: November 24, 2022, at 1pm (Brasília time)

Referee: Ismail Elphath

Assistant 1: Kyle Atkins

Assistant 2: Corey Parker

Goals: Cristiano Ronaldo (POR), at 19′, Ayew (GAN), at 27′, João Félix (POR), at 32′, Rafael Leão (POR), at 34′, and Bukari (GAN), at 43′ of the second time

Yellow cards: Kudus (GAN), Ayew (GAN), Alidu (GAN), Danilo (POR), Inaki Williams (GAN) and Bruno Fernandes (POR)

Portugal: Diogo Costa; Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Danilo and Guerreiro; Rúben Neves (Rafael Leão), Bernardo Silva (Palhinha) and Otávio (William Carvalho); João Félix (João Mário), Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo (Gonçalo Ramos). Technician: Fernando Santos

Ghana: Lawrence Ati; Salisu, Amartey, Djiku (Semenyo); Baba, Partey, Kudus (Bukari), Samed (Kyereh) and Alidu (Lamptey); André Ayew (Jordan Ayew) and Inaki Williams. Coach: Otto Addo

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