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If a few years ago having an artificial intelligence at home to help with tasks seemed like something out of a fictional movie, with the popularization of virtual assistants, it is common to have devices like Echos in our homes.

These devices are commanded by an artificial intelligence called Alexa —which, being so popular, ended up “stealing” the original name of the devices—, capable of interacting with users, answering questions and controlling other connected devices.

And what can she do?

A common question from anyone interested in purchasing a device with Alexa is: after all, what is it capable of?

The assistant’s functions range from trivial to more elaborate actions. Without any kind of additional configuration, it can create timers, create playlists, do internet searches, report the weather and interact with music streaming services.

This in itself is quite a help, but it is possible to go further.

Exploring the “Routines” tab of the assistant application is a good start, as it is possible to program functions to be repeated frequently, such as alarms or making the smart home light bulbs turn on and off automatically depending on the time of day.

For more complex functions and interactions with other devices, it’s worth taking a good look at the “Skills” tab. There, you can find applications that connect Alexa to devices such as TVs and lights, even others that provide the assistant with interesting functions, such as a package of relaxing sounds —such as rain, leaves ruffled by the wind, etc.— that you can make her play. when you go to sleep. The secret here is to explore the possibilities.

To use Alexa, you can simply download the app on your smartphone or purchase a dedicated device. Below we list some of them that are discounted on Black Friday 2022.

Echo Dot 3rd gen

Echo dot 3, from Amazon - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: from BRL 349 to BRL 179.10 (48% discount)

Echo Dot 3 is a smart speaker, i.e. a smart sound box. In addition to accessing Alexa functions, it also lets you listen to music, as it integrates with smartphones and streaming services. You can also make calls with people who have Echo devices in their homes.

Echo Dot 4th generation

Echo dot 4 black, from Amazon - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: from BRL 399 to BRL 206.10 (48% discount)

Current generation of Echo Dot maintains the same functions seen in the third generation Echo Dot, that is, it is possible to use the Alexa assistant and control other smart devices. The big difference is in the audio design, which performs better compared to the previous generation.

echo 4th generation

Echo 4th generation, new Amazon speaker - Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt - Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt
Image: Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt

Price: from BRL 749 to BRL 494.10 (34% discount)

Despite looking like the Echo Dot 4, the Echo 4 is considerably larger. The size is due to its sound system, which stands out for its quality and ability to faithfully reproduce all sound frequencies. This makes the product ideal to be placed in larger environments.

Echo Show 5 (2nd generation)

Echo Show 5 (2nd Generation) - white - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: from BRL 599 to BRL 359.10 (40% discount)

If you miss the screen, the Echo Show is the ideal model. Its 5-inch screen turns into a picture frame and digital clock, in addition to allowing you to watch videos and make video calls. It also works as a smart speaker and has the functionality of other Echo devices.

Echo Buds 2nd generation

echo buds 3 - collection - collection
Image: collection

Price: from BRL 899 to BRL 624.90 (30% discount)

If the idea is to have easy access to Alexa, the Echo Buds are the ideal choice. They have full integration with Alexa, being able to use the assistant to obtain information and control music playback. These headphones have advanced features like dynamic audio and active noise cancellation.

legendary library

The name Alexa refers to the Great Library of Alexandria, built in the 3rd century BC It was a huge repository of texts, written on papyrus, which helped the city of Alexandria, located in what is now Egypt, to be known as the capital of knowledge.

There is, however, one more reason for the name. Alexa’s development started from a speech synthesizer called Ivona🇧🇷 It was created in Poland, but had its rights acquired by Amazon in 2013.

It turns out that the name Alexa contains a specific pronunciation of the “X” that helps the devices’ voice recognition system work more accurately.

As much as users can configure another word as a trigger for the system to start working, the most common thing is that “Alexa” ends up being used.

We choose each product carefully, independently, and check the prices on the publication date (that is, they may vary!). When you buy through our link, we earn a commission, but you don’t pay extra for it.

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