Even with the elimination of Paulisto, Corinthians still have one more title to dispute; understand

Last Wednesday night, Corinthians thrashed Taubaté, but ended up eliminated from the Paulista Women’s Championship. Despite not being able to advance to the semifinals, the season is not over for Brabas, who now have the Copa Paulista dispute ahead.

The tournament organized by the FPF (Federação Paulista de Futebol) was created in 2019, with the aim of increasing the number of competitions in the category. The format of the Copa Paulista is composed of the four best teams that did not qualify for the final phase of Paulistão, that is, the teams that were between the fifth and eighth place.

Therefore, the teams qualified for the competition were: Corinthians (fifth place), Red Bull Bragantino (sixth place), Taubaté (seventh place) and São Bernardo (eighth place). The Copa Paulista system already starts in the semifinals, with the team with the best campaign between them facing the fourth, and the second dueling against the third. Therefore, the semifinal matches will be: Corinthians x São Bernardo and Red Bull Bragantino x Taubaté🇧🇷

The finalists will be decided in home and away games, with the number of wins being the first tiebreaker and then, if necessary, goal difference. The regulations remain the same for the big decision, which will also be played in the same way as the semifinals. In both phases, the team that obtains the best campaign will make the first game as a visitor and will be the principal in the decisive confrontation.

The Paulista Football Federation has not yet confirmed the dates for the Copa Paulista, but it should announce it soon. This will be the last championship of the Corinthians women’s team in the season, which managed to be champion of the Brasileirão and Supercopa in 2022. In Libertadores, it fell in the quarterfinals, to Boca Juniors, and in Paulistão it was in the first phase.

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