Fans on a budget swap luxury Qatar hotels for desert camps in Doha

THE Qatar World Cup starts every morning for a few fans at a camp in the middle of the desert. Fans who found the hotels in downtown doha overcrowded or overpriced, had to make do with the dusty villas in the city of Al Khor, no locks on the doors and no beer in the fridge. Others were simply looking for an adventure. And they did.

On Wednesday, a DJ set the scene with electronic music, as hundreds of fans gathered on beanbags around a campfire, sipping soft drinks and watching a big screen in an area an hour from the capital Doha, where the event takes place. Cup buzz.

“I’m here because I haven’t found anything else,” said Haidar Haji, a 27-year-old architectural engineer from Kuwait, who says it’s a problem to leave the village for Doha every morning, but who had no other choice or option to attend. of the World.

Tourists report that they paid around US$450 (about R$2,411.00) to camp in Al Khor.
Tourists report that they paid around US$450 (about R$2,411.00) to camp in Al Khor. Photograph: Jon Gambrell/AP

Still, camping in Al Khor isn’t cheap. Haji said he paid US$450 (about R$2,411.00) a night to stay in this makeshift shelter which authorities regard as “the perfect destination for a luxurious and enjoyable stay”. Tents are equipped with air conditioning and basic furniture. There is also a swimming pool and an upscale restaurant nearby.

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From the moment Qatar was chosen to host the World Cup, doubts arose whether the small country would be able to meet the demand for accommodation for the approximately 1.2 million expected fans, almost a third of the country’s population.

A frantic construction program by the Qatari government has managed to equip tens of thousands of rooms in new hotels, apartments and even cruise ships docked in the city, but the high cost has forced some fans to venture into desert camping and the massive villages on the outskirts. from Doha, including one near the airport with corrugated boardrooms.

A deserted section of the Free Zone Fan Village is seen in Doha.
A deserted section of the Free Zone Fan Village is seen in Doha.
Photograph: AP Photo/Jon Gambrell

Hundreds of supporters complained about the isolation and lack of alcohol in the village of Al Khor. “Honestly, there is more alcohol in Tehran,” said Parisa, an official in Iran’s oil industry, who declined to give her last name due to her country’s political situation. Drinks are banned everywhere in Qatar. Only at FIFA’s own venues, at fan fests, are they sold without restrictions. And in hotels, of course.

Mexican Paola Bernal, from the state of Tabasco, did not know what to expect from the first World Cup in the Middle East, but said she was surprised by the transport system in the small nation. Buses to villages are “a disaster”. According to her, the service stops operating at 10 pm, forcing fans to pay large sums of money for an app drive.

A Canadian fan displays the country's flag in a tent in Al Khor, Qatar.
A Canadian fan displays the country’s flag in a tent in Al Khor, Qatar. Photograph: AP Photo/Jon Gambrell

Many complained about the long wait to enter the camps. Crowds waited online on Wednesday to enter their rooms. “We wanted good energy, to be with people,” said Moroccan Mouman Alani. “This is very disorganized.”

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Another cited “Fyre Festival 2.0″, referring to the infamous music festival that left fans scattered in makeshift shelters in the middle of an island in the Caribbean. “When we got to the room, it was a mess,” said Aman Mohammed, from Kolkata, India. Despite the disappointment, the fan assured that the focus of the World Cup is football.

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