Five Movies Every Sagittarius Must Watch

Little Miss Sunshine

Scene from the movie (Image: Reproduction/Hatch)

This classic from 2006 is the face of Sagittarius: with travel, different stories and funny family moments. For little Olive to participate in a contest, the family members embark on an adventure against time so that she can fulfill this dream.

Project X – A Party Out of Control

Scene from Project X (Image: Playback/Netflix)

One of the traits most associated with Sagittarians is partying. In this way, the sign is full of enthusiasm for roles, travel and meeting new people, which will not be lacking in the film directed by Nima Nourizadeh.

It just happens

It just happens (Image: Reproduction/Critical Plan)

The film starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin tells the story of two best friends, who end up separating during life’s upheavals. And of course a romance is always welcome, isn’t it Sagittarius? Also, the story is very engaging.

Death Death Death

Scene from the comic horror ‘Death death death’ (Image: Playback/See)

And a little terror mixed with comedy couldn’t be missing, could it? In this way, the film with Amandla Stenberg and Pete Davidson tells the story of a group of young people, who plan a party during a hurricane in a mansion on a remote island.

Viva – Life is a Party

Scene from the movie (Image: Playback/A Audience)

Finally, an animation that will make you very emotional. One of the latest Disney Pixar highlights tells the story of young Miguel, with several musical moments and also teachings about life.

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