“Has he already said goodbye to his companions”; Brazilian Cup champion decides to leave Fla and accepts proposal


Player now waits for Flamengo to say “yes” to travel to European football

- Dorival Junior
🇧🇷 (Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images)– Dorival Junior

O Flamengo it has a cast of a lot of good people in pretty much every position. It is normal for many to lose space after the arrival of reinforcements or something like that. dorival junior, for example, always tries to prioritize being as fair as possible in the options available to them. It was not for nothing that he gave chances to players who were leaning against and even took complaints from the fans about it.

For 2023, the trend is that Mais Querido will continue to have a very wide cast, with options in almost all sectors. The team will compete in all possible championships, including the Interclub World Cup, that is, it will need to have human material to support the marathon of games, especially since the goal is to win everything next year.

This Thursday (24), the “Fla Web” portal brought news with exclusivity practically nailing the departure of a multi-champion for Flamengo. That’s right! According to the report, Hugo Souza should no longer wear the CRF shirt next year🇧🇷 He has already accepted the proposal from Estoril, from Portugal, and would have even said goodbye to his teammates at Flamengo.

🇧🇷Hugo Souza should no longer wear Flamengo’s shirt. The goalkeeper has everything lined up (read salary terms) to play for Estoril, in Portugal. The deal will initially be on loan with a fixed purchase option. The archer understands that it is time to look for new airs and should not even be part of the Carioca Championship squad🇧🇷 said an excerpt from the report🇧🇷

Hugo Souza is a child of the Flamengo base, he grabbed a lot when he had his first chancein a game against palm trees, at Allianz Parque. When he became a starter, he also corresponded, but failed in a crucial knockout game in the Copa do Brasil, against São Paulo, and was unable to regain his level. An exit will be good for all sides. Hugo won many recent titles for CRF and, once the deal is confirmed, he will leave through the front door.

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