Machine Gun Kelly wins ‘Favorite Rock Artist’ award, angers rock and roll fans

Singer Machine Gun Kelly won for the second year in a row Favorite Rock Artist at the American Music Awards (AMAs). The rapper turned rocker and icon of the new wave of global pop punk took the opportunity to address criticism of his work.

According to the artist, many say he doesn’t deserve to be directly connected to rock, and the “rock community” calls him a tourist within the genre. On their last two albums, Tickets To My Downfall (2020) and Mainstream Sellout (2022), the musician delved into pop rock style. Both projects are produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

“Some people in the rock community have called me a tourist, but they’re wrong – I’m an astronaut. We weren’t born on the moon, but we looked at it and were curious and then we went there… supposedly, and those two rock albums were me going to the moon. But I’m not done exploring the universe yet and I’m of all genres.”, said the musician during the speech.

The speech, which also featured a string of profanity, is available on the ABC Network YouTube channel. Watch:

MGK vs Corey Taylor: head-to-head against rock icon

Corey Taylor, the frontman of the American band Slipknot, criticized all new rock, with a hint at Megan Fox’s fiance: “I hate pretty much all new rock. I hate artists who failed in a genre and decided to go rock. I think he knows who I’m talking about.”

The vocalist’s lines may have been referring to a failed attempt to produce a song together. MGK stated that Corey even made a verse that would be used on the 2020 album, “but it was terrible, so I didn’t use it.”

During Riot Fest, in the USA, MGK did not hold back his words and made negative comments about the characterization of Slipknot, where the artist said he was happy not to be someone with 50 years old who wears a mask on stage.

In a documentary about her life released this year called Life in PinkKelly says he regrets the comments made against Corey’s band, considering his own actions “ridiculous” and would consider acting differently if it happened today.

“I could have handled it differently. I should have just picked up the phone and been like, ‘Dude, why would you say that?’ But instead we all act ridiculous.” – declared the artist.

The documentary on Machine Gun Kelly’s life and career can be watched on Hulu and Star Plus. Watch the trailer:

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