Marilyn Monroe’s personal items go up for auction 60 years after her death

A true pop culture myth, Marilyn Monroe died exactly 60 years ago. In the penultimate week of December, more precisely on the 17th and 18th, the artist should have around 175 personal objects auctioned. The estimated collection, according to the Spanish newspaper El País, should be US$80,000.

Organized by the auction house Julien’s Auction, the subasta should include, among other rarities, a letter written in her own hand by the artist to Charles Stanley Gifford, recently discovered to be her biological father through a DNA test.

There are also documents with dedications made to her ex-husband, Arthur Miller, beauty products such as barons, false eyelashes and eye shadows. Iconic dresses are also part of the collection.

The big numbers surrounding the actress’s legacy are nothing new. That same year, Andy Warhol’s famous silkscreen of Monroe in the 1960s became a landmark in American history when it was sold at a charity auction for an impressive $195 million. .

The exorbitant figure gives the work the title of the most expensive painting ever sold in the United States, surpassing the previous mark, achieved by a skull painting left by Warhol’s friend and also painter Jean-Michel Basquiat (US$ 110.5 million).

In “Blonde”, a film also released in 2022, actress Ana de Armas embraces the narrative presented in the work of Joyce Carol Oats, which is based on Monroe’s fame to approach a romance culminated by fame. The project is on Netflix.

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