NASA warns that asteroid is approaching Earth today

In recent years, it has been possible to track some asteroids that have come close to Earth, but few have actually arrived at a distance than the one that should pass us by today. According to the US National Space Agency, NASA, the asteroid approaches Earth and could have a significant impact.

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Until last week, scientists were totally unaware of the existence of this asteroid, but now that it has been discovered, it has become a cause for concern. That’s because this asteroid specifically is approaching Earth continuously at a speed of 30361 kilometers per hour.

By that, we mean that as you read this text, a piece of space rock ranging in size from 16 to 32 meters is approaching our planet. As far as is known, the rock should pass at a distance of only 3.9 million kilometers from Earth, which may seem like a lot, but it is actually very little compared to other asteroids.

This has certainly been a cause for concern for many scientists, especially since our planet has already suffered from the collision of asteroids that passed close to us. For example, we cannot fail to mention the extinction of dinosaurs that happened precisely because of space rocks.

Asteroid was unknown until recently

It’s been exactly a week since scientists learned of the existence of this asteroid. It is a space rock that belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids, which is characterized by orbiting the Sun in about 859 days. In this case, NASA had to rely on the help of terrestrial telescopes to detect this asteroid.

In this specific case, help was needed from Pans-Starrs1, which is located in Maui, Hawaii. Through telescopes like this one, NASA manages to make a complete record of the celestial bodies that approach the Earth. Therefore, so far it has been possible to find about 28,000 asteroids in recent years. Until now, few have come as close to Earth as this one.

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