Netflix Movies Coming in 2023

The year 2022 is not over yet, but Netflix has already announced some productions that will debut in 2023, creating expectations for streaming viewers. Among the unpublished features are The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez and Rescue 2, with Chris Hemsworth.

In the following year, Netflix intends to announce films of all kinds of genres during the 12 months, in addition to adding new series and shows to its platform. With six self-produced films set to be released, below are details of new productions for next year.

The Mother

Jennifer Lopez will play a woman with a violent past who is pursued by dangerous men. In order to protect her daughter, she has given her to a foster family, but her enemies find out and kidnap her.

With that, he will leave his hiding place to go after his 13-year-old daughter, and in addition to dealing with the kidnapping, he will also need to come to terms with his biological mother in order to survive.

The Mothership

With a genre involving drama, science fiction and adventure, the film will tell the mystery of the disappearance of Sara Morse’s husband (Halle Berry), a year ago, after disappearing from a rural farm where they live.

However, Sara discovers signs of extraterrestrials under her house and embarks, along with her children, on a saga to find her husband and discover the truth about his whereabouts.

They Cloned Tyrone

Also focused on science fiction, Netflix’s original production has not yet released its synopsis, but has disclosed that it will have a series of abnormal events, which put an unlikely trio to track down possible government conspiracies.

Rescue 2

Despite high expectations for the continuation of the film, the synopsis of the film has not yet been released.

Ghosts and Co.

With a footprint of terror, adventure and family, the full synopsis of the film was also not disclosed, but it will have Kevin’s family as its basis in the story, who became famous for meeting a ghost similar to the actor Ernest Borgnine. Kevin decides to try to help him, to unravel his past, but ends up becoming a target of the Cia.

You People

Netflix’s anticipated sixth release will feature a romantic comedy celebrating the love of a couple as they organize a dinner party for their family members. However, they will have to face a dynamic with cultural conflicts between them, in addition to the unexpected social expectations that surround their lives. The full synopsis has yet to be released.

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