Netflix working on high-budget action RPG for PC

THE Netflix is dedicated to definitely embarking on the gaming market and is producing a triple-A PC gameaccording to job openings at his newly founded game studio in Los Angeles.

The developer, simply called Netflix Games, is hiring professionals in areas such as direction, engineering and service analysis — which makes direct mention of free-to-play formats and games-as-a-service🇧🇷

One of the job descriptions makes it clear that the company is creating a third-person action RPG on Unreal Engine. The intention is also to build a narrative that, in the words of the studio, is “worthy of a Netflix series or film” and also helps to expand the project into other media.

So far, Netflix has focused on making partner games available on its mobile app, including titles like Spiritfarer and Immortality🇧🇷 It is worth remembering that the company is also collaborating with Ubisoft to launch exclusive content on the platform as of 2023, with emphasis on a new Assassin’s Creed and even a sequence of Valiant Hearts🇧🇷

There are still no very concrete details about the project, not least because it should take some time before it begins to take shape. Netflix’s new games studio was founded about two months ago and the team will be led by Chacko Sonny, an industry veteran who served as executive director on Overwatchat Blizzard.

In recent months, Netflix has also expanded its workforce in the games market with the acquisition of studios such as Night School Studio (Oxenfree), Boss Fight Entertainment (dungeon boss) and Next Games (The Walking Dead: Our World🇧🇷

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