‘Our mother killed the pedophile who abused us, but it didn’t end our nightmares’

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Michael Pleasted’s criminal record spanned three decades, into the 1990s.

Eight years ago, British Sarah Sands stabbed and killed a pedophile. In their first interview together, Sands’ three children tell BBC News that the pedophile had sexually abused them all and describe how they now feel about their mother’s crime.

On an autumn night in 2014, Sarah Sands emerged from her east London duplex with a hood over her head, armed with a knife. She walked to a neighboring block of flats, where an elderly man lived.

Once there, she stabbed Michael Pleasted eight times, in what she describes as “a determined and sustained attack”. He bled to death.

Pleasted was 77 years old and a convicted pedophile. And at the time, he was facing other charges.

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