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New law is an expanded version of a 2013 text that prohibits ‘gay propaganda’ to minorsAFP

Published 11/24/2022 08:27

Russian deputies unanimously approved this Thursday (24) amendments that considerably expand the scope of a law that prohibits LGBTQIA+ “propaganda”, in yet another movement of the conservative turn of the Moscow government, which accompanies the military offensive in Ukraine.

“The promotion of non-traditional sexual relations is prohibited (…) This solution will protect our children and the future of this country from the darkness spread by the United States and European countries”, said the speaker of the Duma (Lower House) of the Russian Parliament, Viacheslav Volodin, in a statement. “The fines reach 10 million rubles (R$ 890,000) for violators”, adds the note.

The new law, which is an expanded version of a 2013 text that prohibits “gay propaganda” to minors, now prohibits “the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” to all audiences, in the media. , on the internet, in books and in films.

The broad scope of application of the law and the wide interpretation allowed by the vague concept of “promotion” raise fears of further repression of LGBTQIA+ communities in Russia, which already face severe discrimination.

To become law, the text must still be validated by the Upper House of Parliament, the Federation Council, and promulgated by President Vladimir Putin, which are purely formal procedures. The approval comes after years of repression of LGBTQIA+ communities. The Kremlin says it defends “traditional” values ​​against the West, which Moscow portrays as decadent.

Senior government officials touted the law as a defensive act in the ideological war against the West as Moscow troops are fighting in Ukraine.

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