Russian parliament passes ‘anti-LGBT’ law for adults

The Russian Parliament approved, this Thursday, 24, a law that prohibits LGBT+ advertising among adults. The new rule is the expansion of an existing measure, but which only affected children.

Events or acts that attempt to promote the agenda will be fined. For natural persons, the fine will be almost 400 thousand rubles (R$ 32.5 thousand). Legal entities, in turn, will have to pay 5 million rubles (R$ 441 thousand). Foreigners who fail to comply with the order could face 15 days in jail and expulsion from the country.

Motivation of parliamentarians for the “anti-LGBT+” law

Lawmakers say the new legislation is aimed at defending the country from “un-Russian” values ​​promoted by the West. According to Alexander Khinshtein, one of the bill’s authors, “Today, LGBT+ is an element of the hybrid war. And we must protect our values, our society and our children from this battle.”

However, human rights groups claim that these laws prohibit the representation of minorities in public life. THE LGBT Networkwhich offers legal assistance to the group, argues that the legislation is an “absurd” attempt to humiliate and discriminate against the community.

The social network TikTok was fined 3 million rubles (R$265,000) last month for promoting agenda-themed videos. In the same vein, the Russian media regulator has asked publishers to end the sale of all books featuring LGBT propaganda.

To enter into force, the bill needs to be reviewed by the Upper House of Parliament. The matter still needs to be signed by the country’s president, Vladimir Putin.

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