The current Netflix series that are most successful among subscribers

As competition in the streaming has increased in recent years, Netflix has invested more and more in original productions. And this strategy has worked, as some of these series have become real hits with the public.

In this content, we are going to list some of these series that are making the most success among Netflix subscribers.

1. Stranger Things (2016-)

The Stranger Things series has been one of the great successes of Netflix in recent years.

The plot is set in the fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana, in the United States, and follows the story of a group of friends who become involved in a series of strange events after the disappearance of one of them.

The main characters are played by Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo.

The series was praised by specialized critics for its nostalgic atmosphere, its charismatic characters and its intriguing plot.

Stranger Things has garnered numerous awards and nominations over its three seasons, including the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series.

2. The Crown (2016-)

The Crown is a Netflix series that tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, from the beginning of her reign to the present day. The series is based on real events and presents an accurate portrayal of life in the British monarchy.

At first, the main characters of the series are Queen Elizabeth II, played by actress Claire Foy, and Prince Philip, played by actor Matt Smith.

Other important characters in the series include Princess Margaret, played by actress Vanessa Kirby, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, played by actor John Lithgow.

The Crown is a drama series that has been receiving many awards, such as the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series and the SAG Awards for Best Ensemble.

The first season of the series premiered on Netflix in November 2016 and the sixth season is scheduled to premiere in late 2023.

3. Squid Game (2021-)

The Squid Game series is a recent phenomenon on Netflix, which gained popularity for its unique plot and unusual characters.

The story revolves around a survival game on an island located in South Korea.

There, the characters form groups, while trying to unravel the mystery behind Round 6: this game ends up taking a sinister turn when the participants start to be “disqualified” without any chance of return.

The Squid Game series is a blend of suspense, horror and comedy, with extremely well-developed characters.

In addition, the cast features some of the most talented actors today, which makes the series even more engaging.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re wasting your time! A new season is expected to air in mid-2024.

4. The Sandman (2022)

The Sandman series follows the main character, Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, who has been imprisoned by a sorcerer who wished to get his hands on Death, one of his sisters.

Throughout the series, Morpheus struggles to adapt to the modern world and has to deal with the aftermath of his imprisonment.

In addition to Morpheus, other important characters from The Sandman include:

  • Lucienne, his faithful helper;
  • Cain and Abel, the twins who are mortal enemies;
  • And the Endless, the brothers and sisters of Morpheus.

The series has received positive reviews, with many praising its engaging storyline and well-developed characters, including the likes of Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Vivienne Acheampong and Boyd Holbrook.

5. Elite (2018-)

In 2018, the Elite series was launched on the platform of streaming Netflix, and since then, has been gaining more and more fans.

The plot takes place in a private school called Las Encinas, which is attended by the children of the Spanish elite.

Everything changes when three students from a public school are transferred to Las Encinas, causing a big uproar in the lives of the richest students.

The main characters are the three new students: Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Nadia (Mina El Hammani) and Christian (Miguel Bernardeau). Each of them has its own story and personality, which makes the series even more interesting.

In addition to the conflicts between the characters, the series also addresses topics such as love relationships, sexuality and gender identity. All this is shown in a very natural and realistic way, which is one of the things that most pleases viewers.

If you haven’t watched Elite yet, know that you’re missing out on a great series. Definitely worth giving this Spanish production a chance!

6. Heartstopper (2021)

The Heartstopper series is a Netflix original that premiered in 2022. The plot follows young Charlie, a boy gay who falls in love with her classmate Nick.

Together, they must deal with the pressures of school, family and society, while trying to keep their romance alive.

Heartstopper’s main characters are Charlie and Nick, but the series also features a wide variety of interesting and diverse supporting characters.

The cast includes Jenny Walser as Tori; Olivia Colman as Sarah, Nick’s mother who struggles to come to terms with his sexual orientation; and Yasmin Finney as Elle, Charlie’s best friend.

The Heartstopper series is extremely relevant to the LGBT community today as it playfully portrays the struggles they face in everyday life.

In addition, the series also deals with other important themes, such as acceptance and identity construction.

7. Dahmer: An American Cannibal (2022)

From the beginning, the Dahmer series drew attention for its controversial subject matter. The plot revolves around Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most famous and horrifying serial killers in history.

The series shows Dahmer’s life from childhood, through the crimes he committed and ending with his arrest and death.

The main characters of the series are Jeffrey Dahmer (played by Evan Peters) and his father Lionel (played by Richard Jenkins). In addition, the cast features well-known names such as Niecy Nash, Penelope Ann Miller and Shaun Brown.

The series is based on real facts and brings a different approach to the crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer.

While other productions focus on the bloodier side of the stories, this series brings a more human look to the main character. This is clear in the first scenes, when we see Jeffrey being presented as a shy and introverted boy.

From then on, we follow his life as he isolates himself more and more from the world and commits his first crimes.

Peters’ interpretation is brilliant, managing to convey all the complexity of the main character.

The actor manages to convey to the viewer all the anguish that Jeffrey Dahmer felt in relation to his repressive sexuality.

Despite the controversial theme, the series is well produced and has great performances. It’s worth watching!

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