“The player will…”; Venê Casagrande brings warm about the decision made by Gerson after not Olympique and ‘sets fire’ the web


During a video, journalist Venê Casagrande revealed details about the negotiation between Gerson and Flamengo

Venê Casagrande brings hot news about the decision taken by Gerson and 'sets the web on fire'
🇧🇷 Photo: Playback/YouTubeVenê Casagrande brings hot news about the decision taken by Gerson and ‘sets the web on fire’

Flamengo’s management is monitoring the market in search of reinforcements already aiming for titles at the beginning of next season, such as the Brazilian Super Cup🇧🇷 South American Recopa and the main one, the Club World Cup🇧🇷 The Rubro-Negra dome was approaching the return of the steering wheel Gerson for the team, but turnaround ended up modifying the team’s plans.

According to information from the Venê Casagrandethrough a video published on the channel itself, the journalist detailed the negotiations involving The dearest it’s the french club🇧🇷 With the difficulties imposed during the negotiation, the Rio de Janeiro club believes that the midfielder’s desire to return to national footballespecially to Flamengocan contribute to a positive outcome for the Club

“(…) Look, let’s go. I repeat. This soap opera will continue, because Gerson wants to return to Brazilian football, he has already made that very clear, not only to the board of Flamengo, but also to the board of Olympique. What will Flamengo do? Flamengo tried, Olympique did not back down, they asked for 22 million euros for 80% of the athlete. (…) The player will return to the French team on the 30th and then the player will remain dissatisfied, he will continue fighting to return to Brazilian football, to Flamengo”🇧🇷 highlighted🇧🇷

The journalist also revealed that french club must wait to see if you receive other proposals by the steering wheel🇧🇷 “(…) Time will tell, will he be able to return to Flamengo? Olympique thinks the following: ‘Okay, Flamengo is making this proposal. I’ll wait for the window because some European club can make a better offer than Flamengo’. (…) They have time, Flamengo will also wait. They have time. Flamengo can resolve this situation by January, without any problems (…)”🇧🇷 completed Vene.

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